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Eritrea is the only sovereign country represented by a foreign leader

Tigrai Online Oct. 19, 2019

Abiy Ahmed represents Eritrea

We know why Isaias Afwerki wanted Abiy Ahmed to represent Eritrea, it is out of spite to the Eritrean people, but why is Abiy Ahmed doing it?


The Eritrean people have been fighting more or less for the past fifty seven years one way or the other for their freedom, liberty, and sovereignty. The people of Eritrea paid a heavy price in the bitter bloody 30 years of armed struggle against Ethiopia. Thousands of Eritrean youth, women, children, and the elderly died in the struggle.

In 1993 Eritrea become an independent country and joined the international community as a sovereign nation. There was optimism and great hope finally the Horn of Africa might enjoy peace, development and prosperity, especially because their brothers and sisters on the other side of the Mereb river, after a seventeen years of armed struggle, the Tigrai people had also won against the same brutal Amhara government in Ethiopia.

The traitor Isaias Afwerki and his group of gangsters ignited war between Ethiopia and Eritrea for unknown reason and the hopefulness or the region was short lived. According to new information coming from former insiders of the Eritrean People’s Libration Front – EPLF, Isaias Afwerki had tried more than once to compromise with the DERGI regime of Mengstu Hailemariam to take a deal short of independence, but he was rejected by Mengistu Hailemariam.

After his PFDJ group was resuscitated by mere coincidence or call it good fortune in 2018, Isaias Afwerki knew he can’t continue his grip to power any longer unless he comes up with something radical. Now we know what he had done. He had secretly signed an agreement with Abiy Ahmed, the temporary prime minister of Ethiopia to treade-off the hard won sovereignty of Eritrea for staying in power as long as he can.


The signs are becoming very clear that month after month that Abiy Ahmed is representing Eritrea in the international arena. It might be very odd for most people, but last year when Isaias Afwerki visited Ethiopia he told Abiy Ahmed “I am not kidding, I want Dr. Abiy Ahmed to lead both our countries, you are our leader”. Many people took the above statement as an emotional outburst because he was so happy from vengefulness against his former comrades in the armed struggle, the TPLF. On top of that he had this naive boy easily to manipulate, however the facts are coming out slowly and it seems Isaias wants Abiy Ahmed to represent Eritrea in most of the diplomatic world. Abiy Ahmed is taking his obligation seriously as a co-president of Eritrea. More than once he publicly claimed he was representing Eritrea at the request of President Isaias Afwerki. As recently as last week on the inauguration of the so called “Unity Park”, by the way this in reality was restoring the old Menlik Palace to garner the dwindling support of the Amhara people, Abiy Ahmed said Eritrea was represented by him so there wasn’t any Eritrean representative to speak on behalf of  their country.

Some Eritreans are publicly opposing this illegal action by Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki against their independence and sovereignty and not to be represented by foreign leader. For example a number of Eritrean opposition political organizations and Baito Yiacl - a grassroots movement wrote a protest open letter to Abiy Ahmed asking him to cease and desist his action.

The following paragraph is part of what they said on their letter, “You formally announced that you were delegated to represent Eritrea by President Isaias Afwerki; underlined that Eritrea and Ethiopia are so intimately connected and that their relationship has reached such a level of representation, and congratulated the Ethiopian people and all for that achievement.

The Eritrean people value their freedom as well as a good relationship with Ethiopia based on mutual trust and respect. We, the Eritrean Opposition organizations and justice seekers underscore that Eritrea´s fate is decided by its own people and not by a dictator in Asmara. We stand therefore, firm to defend our hard-won independence which we see being gradually eroded and our social fabric destroyed by the dictator in Eritrea. We note and alert all concerned that the patience of our people is wearing thin and they are getting angrier by the day.”


As you can read the in the above paragraph the four organizations representing a sizable portion of the Eritrean people are infuriated by Abiy ahmed’s illegal encroachment on their independence. We don’t understand why this odd man who can’t even represent the village he was born in, but he is pretending to represent a country and people who have absolutely nothing to do with him.

As Ethiopia enters a critical final phase the puppet masters are extremely nervous


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