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Abiye Ahmed’s Tigrigna interview: his eulogy at his interment

By Hailemariam Abebe
Tigrai Online August 28, 2020


If you have seen Abiye’s interview in Tigrigna, you must now have a very good idea as to what the condemned face in the afterlife! Cleary obvious on his face is the horrors of the sin he committed, or the price of the sin he earned! Clearly obvious is too, we could see that he has been convicted for the crimes against God and condemned to Satan’s Purgatory, to burn and turn into, what we saw him in the Tigrigna interview: a liver-faced zombie transformed into a ghost of his former self!   

Who could have imagined the current state of the man two years ago or to put succinctly, the man of April 2, 2018? On that day, no doubt you recall, Abiye Ahmed (RIP) burst into our homes with a smile that lit not only the room but also the hearts!  Who could ever forget that acceptance speech of his which, dazzled us with an appeal to our best instincts by brightly spotlighting or illuminating on our blind spots, common bond, shared experiences and contributions? He did so with what appeared to be great spiritual convictions, humanity, humility, and sincerity!  And who could ever forget when he sure sounded like a revolutionary “field Negro” too, proclaiming that the borders between Ethiopia and its neighbors were those erected by colonial powers? Who could have imagined at the time, that the one roaring as a “field Negro” was actually the worst “House Negro” the likes never seen in history of modern Ethiopian?  Who could have imagined that the man who gave us that wonderful acceptance speech, was in fact a slave who put himself on the auction block to willfully serve as a “House Negro” for Ethiopia’s worst and historic foreign enemies?  And who could have imagined that the man who gave that acceptance speech had been funneling Ethiopia’s national security secrets to his masters long before he made it to the highest office in the land?  

What about his other truly heart-warming sermons and lighter moments? Remember when the “House Negro” went to the various regions of Ethiopia and spoke to the people in their respective languages and did so with such a magnetic and infectious a smile?  And remember his icing on the cake, so to speak, when he threw a few jokes and laughed along with the people, too?  And remember those other key “leadership assets” he teased us with when he was alive, mainly those “they brother’s keeper,” equating “Ethiopia without Tigray, with a truck without a motor,” and “Ethiopia is in our veins” jumbo-mumbo?

Who would have imagined two years ago, that the “House Negro” would soon die, and in the afterlife, we see him now in, we would see him convicted for crimes against humanity and condemned into the hottest fires of Hell?  Yes, convicted and sentenced into the timeless inferno of purgatory to burn and turn into what we saw him in the Tigrigna interview: a liver-faced zombie, a mischievous swizzle trying to pass for a human, and a condemned Satan trying to pass for an angel!  

Yes, he did not live long!  Did he?  His, was a life of a firefly; it was a blip on the radar screen! It was on a matter of weeks when he combusted, busted, puffed, vanished, and vanquished into the other side!  The other side where the devils, demons, the witches and the sorceries, competed for who could bring about the ultimate evil upon the children of God!  His fall began, as we will recall, with that Ethiopian equivalent of Perestroika. Remember the then Secretary General of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev? He was a man enamored with being in the limelight. He loved been cheered! Not on the stages of his own country and with his own people, but on stages so far away from home, and with the very enemies of the USSR!  Does this ring a bell? Abiye did the same when he was alive too, and as we saw him deliver his eulogy in his funeral that was the Tigrigna interview, it was obvious that he is still doing the same evil things in the afterlife too!

Subject: Gross Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia by Abiy Ahmed Government


Knowing he was an attention starved poodle, a brainless manikin and a sellout, the enemies of the USSR wined and dazzled good old Gorbachev until he felt he no longer saw himself as a human being but God on earth!  Not only did he feel omnipotent and know it all but just like Abiye, he fell in love and listened too, to the very enemy of his country, and when they whispered on his ears to do something with that Russian Bear, he did not hesitate; he pulled out his Perestroika sword and behead his dear mother country into fragments!

For the first few weeks of his life, Abiye was exactly like Gorbachev.  The enemy of the Ethiopian people got hold of him, sizzled, dazzled, duped, doped and rimmed him until he fizzled ghost-like from Asmara all the way to Cairo, Dubai and Riyadh! Why, for the short life he lived on earth, he sure was in fact the hottest male prostitute not only in the Middle East but elsewhere where the sadistic lived the life of the depraved!  But do not be fooled, although we see him turned into a coal, his craving for attention has never died, for even in death, he has been the complete reincarnate of Gorbachev, complete with his starvation for attention, the dream not only of being king but God too, and the thirst to be seen as intellectual powerhouse!  Like Gorbachev, although Abiye preached all that freedom, democracy, love and country when he was alive, in death, his Medemer Perestroika has not only chopped our country into ethnic and religious faultiness but also handed our country’s national and international interests into the hands of our historic enemies!

There is something else we did not see when he was alive but was obviously transparent in the interview in Tigrigna.  That, the man hyped by his mother for everything including “talking in tongue,” was never raised with the spiritual, moral, ethical and social guardrails, came loud and clear during the interview.  He pathologically lied by the oceans.  He was completely out of place intellectually, tactically, strategically, morally, ethically, spiritually and he was without the social skill and norm for the neighborhood which built one of the four great civilizations on the plant!  What we witnessed was the psychedelics of a dead man with a dead brain!  But there was one more thing that came clear and loud; the souls of those he extinguished when he was alive, were all after and all over him!

This explains why he has turned into a liver-face zombie!  There is no question about it but it was the sight of Engineer Shimengnew in the afterlife, that of General Seare, General Gezai, Hachalu Hundessa, and the many others elsewhere in our country, who had been murdered or ethnic cleansed, that has turned him into the devil that he had been when he sniffed their lives! It was too, the sight of the other great Ethiopian patriots, the sight of Atse Tewodros, Atse Yowhannes, Ras Alula, Belay Zeleke, General Hayelom, Tegadalay Amora, and the over sixty thousand martyrs of the Tigray Nation!  But that is not all.  


There is the site of those great Eritrean patriots, the sights of patriot extraordinaire, Abraha Deboch and Moges Asgedom, who in 1937, pulled their sword against Mussolini’ General Graziani. Yes, Abraha Deboch, Moges Asgedom and Zeray Deres, have seen him too, not only doing the very same thing Menelik did to Eritrea, but they have seen him too, urinating in the graves of the tens of thousands of Eritrean martyrs whose legacy is being obliterated by you know who and his protégé whose funeral was aired in the Tigrigna interview!  And so what we saw in the Tigrigna Interview was the terror from not only the sight of those Tigrayan and Eritrean martyrs but also from the many progenies of Abraha Deboch Moges Asgedom and Zeray Deres, currently hovering around the deceased body of the man at Arat Kilo whose mother ones told him he would be King but instead became King Kong and lived, unlike Temesgen Tiruneh who is on death row, only long enough to write his eulogy for his funeral!