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Battery is running out fast in the Ethiopian regime of Abiy Ahmed

Tigrai Online Sept. 29, 2019

Battery is running out fast in the Ethiopian regime of Abiy Ahmed

Battery is running out fast in the Ethiopian regime of Abiy Ahmed due to faulty government policies


The so called team running Ethiopia for the past 18 months don’t have it’s own political road map nor does it have clear vision where the country is going.

Abiy Ahmed’s team is a parasite whose primary source of energy is the EPRDF political, social and economic capital mainly built by the blood and sweat of Tigraians. The secondary source of energy for mercenary team in Addis Ababa was the emotions of the angry Ethiopian masses that were looking for real change or a better EPRDF. me. Abiy Ahmed and h

Abiy Ahmed’s team successfully manipulated both sources of energy to launch a multi pronged attack against the EPRDF, the TPLF, the Tigrai people and the Ethiopian people in general. The mouthy so called prime minster exploited every ethnic group and every other Ethiopian grouping by telling them exactly what they wanted to hear when came to power the first ti is herders were ecstatic by the initial results of their game plan.  Significant numbers of Ethiopians were happy about Abiy Ahmed especially in Amhara region his support was up to ninety percent. More than majority of the people in Oromia and Addis Ababa had favorable views towards Abiy Ahamed. The only place where Abiy Ahmed was passionately opposed was in Tigrai from the first beginning. It is not from lack of trying that the team of con artists failed to confuse the people of Tigrai, trust me they used all the tricks in their bag, but the people of Tigrai didn’t want any of it cause they saw right through them.

After they failed miserably in Tigrai, Abiy Ahmed and his masters resorted to intimidation, blackmail, defamation, arrest and killings. The arrests and fake documentary didn’t work either, instead the people of Tigrai’s resolve and unity was strengthened more than ever. The more Abiy Ahmed resorted to mudslinging against the Tigrai people, the more they hardened their stand against him their determination to fight back.


Many refer to Abiy Ahmed as a smooth talker or an eloquent speaker, but his is a lousy speaker with a foul mouth. In 2018 when he was speaking in a gathering of political parties, he said and I am paraphrasing here; don’t make a mistake you people here, every single soldier that went to the north in a military campaign had each ten kids there. This single statement was one of the most offensive to the people of Tigrai. To the conservative Christian and Muslim Tigrai people insinuating their women had children from unknown soldiers out of wedlock is the highest insult. On top of that if Abiy Ahmed has a pea size gray matter he would have realized by making that statement he was insulting Tigrai mothers, wives, sisters and children.

Slowly the rest of Ethiopians realize Abiy Ahmed and his team are the worst enemies of the country. Month after month all the marvelous work that was done in the past 27 years in the economic sector and the social capital that was gained is being drained. The public euphoria about change and Abiy has evaporated like a morning fog. Lawlessness and communal conflict is rampant and the federal government is weaker than ever, it can’t even control the capital Addis Ababa and its surroundings.

Since Abiy Ahmed came to power Ethiopia has been submerged in disaster after disaster most of them his own making. The Ethiopian people are tired of his empty words and even those criminals he freed are harshly criticizing him.

The energy Abiy Ahmed and his team were getting from the emotions of the angry Ethiopian people against EPRDF are exhausted. The energy he was receiving from the EPRDF base is fully drained now the team is running out of energy.  Some of Abiy Ahmed’s foreign supporters are having second thoughts about him and some of them are about to be ousted from power because of internal crisis in their countries. Now Ethiopia could only be saved by divine intervention and all the forces that were supposed to encircle Tigrai are in a worst shape than they were when they started this failed misadventure. We know they are secretly selling their baskets and getting ready to return to where they came from because things are about to get really heated up to the max in Ethiopia real soon.