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The international community remained unwilling to intervene to stop the bombardment of Tigray

By Addis Moges
Tigrai Online 10/1/2022

A significant number of people die on a daily basis in Tigray. The much anticipated peace negotiations are a myth. The siege on the people of Tigray has never seemed to cease. People are suffering from hunger and air and ground bombardment attacks. According to reports from international media, there are still continuous air attacks targeting civilians.


Recently, 23 divisions of Ethiopian federal forces crossed the international border to Eritrea and joined the Eritrean Defense forces then massed at the borders of Tigrai and Eritrea soon after they launched a massive offensive against Tigrai Defense Forces. More Ethiopian armies from the Amhara and Afar regions have been attacking on many fronts. The multinational and multipronged offensive was supported by fighter jets, attack helicopters, and drones, mainly against civilians throughout Tigray. The fascist group in Ethiopia suspended the bank accounts of all Tigraians and blocked in and out movements of everything in a bid to facilitate its genocidal mission.

The peace deal started previously due to the persuasion of the international community brings no fruit so far, for these efforts are not accompanied by binding agreement. The people of Tigray and Ethiopia have been hoping for peace to flourish in the country and for negotiations to start; their hope was dashed. The Ethiopian higher government officials, for fear of being accountable for the crimes, didn’t want to sign a peace agreement. The Ethiopian Federal Government decided to continue the war and exterminate the entire people of Tigray, along with their leaders, so as to by-pass accountability.

We don’t expect peace to flourish unless there is a serious imposition by the international community, Maereg Seyoum, 85, said in an exclusive interview. " The international community mainly the USA should persuade the government of Ethiopia and Eritrea to stop their ethnic cleansing actions upon an approximately 7+ million people".


"How could the world give a deaf ear to this abominating ethnic cleansing?" Meereg inquired. In fact, this is tragic. No serious consideration is given to the people of Tigray, who have been denied their daily bread, let alone all other fundamental rights to education and health care.

The U.S. has to find another means to resolve the fierce conflict in Tigray. The previously imposed sanctions on the Eritrean Defense Forces and the ruling PFDJ party over the country's involvement in the Ethiopian conflict have yielded no results. The Eritrean government, along with Ethiopia and Somalia, has been bombarding innocent civilians in Tigray.

The fascist group has maintained tight control over the country's media, and journalists are largely unable to visit Tigray. Many international journalists have been barred from entering Ethiopia or thrown out if they were already there. This controlling mechanism has hidden all the atrocities of the Tigrai. There is no justification, but the international community has turned a deaf ear to Tigrayans' cries for peace and a daily bread, but why? Is the issue in Tigrai beyond the capability of the international community or is there something unknown to the rest of us? If there is a realistic interest in pulling the people of Tigray from this quagmire of war and hunger, there should be simple ways to compel Abiy Ahmed to do so. The Ethiopian government can stop the war at any time they want if they are willing or if they are forced to do so. Enough with the continuous repeating of meaningless phrases like "we are concerned, we are alarmed, both sides should stop, we will take action..." What is needed is action, action, action. The voice from the people of Tigray.

Ethiopian fighter jets bombed Ade Aaero


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