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The Tigrai state government needs to get its priority straight
The Tigrai state government in Ethiopia needs to get its priority straight

The Tigrai state government needs to get its priority straight

Tigrai Online, May 30, 2018


While criminals are being let go without due process in Addis Ababa, the authorities in Tigrai state are being heavy handed with the youth in the state. We have received reports there was an incident in Adwa city between some members of the youth and police. In the encounter one young man by the name of Yohannes Geberekidan was badly hurt at the hand of the police and two members of the police were injured. In addition to that 20 young people were arrested and after regional authorities got involved the youth were eventually released.

According to people who took pictures when the situation took place, the people in the town especially the parents of those arrested and hurt are angry.

The Tigrai state government priorities seem misplaced. While the federal government is releasing criminals who perpetuated the displacement and deportation of Tigraians from the rest of Ethiopia, they are arresting the youth for simple disagreements or because they voiced their concern. We think this is wrong for many reasons not only the timing, but the focus should have been protecting the interest of the people of Tigrai in the federal level.


The patience and self discipline shown by the people of Tigrai so far is superb, but like anything else patience is limited. As if the abuse inflicted on the people of Tigrai by others in the rest of Ethiopia is not enough, or they have not been putting up with the corruption and lack of good governance in their state, now they are facing more harsh conditions at the hands of their own government.

We have heard time and again the leaders of Tigrai apologizing for all the wrong things going in the state, but when it comes to practical results there is nothing to be shown. We strongly advise the state government to get its act together before things get out of control and the anger of the people reach its boiling point. It is high time for TPLF leaders to stand up for the interest of the people. It is also time to drop the old philosophy of Tekeze and start to update to the twenty first century. The armed struggle has been ended successfully decades ago, why are Tigrai leaders stuck in the 1980s?

The time is now for Tigrai to get fresh ideas and new young leaders, you can’t keep rotating the same ideas and the same people forever. The Tigrai people will not sit and wait while what the paid for with their blood slowly disappearing and their archenemies spitting the graves of their sons and daughters.


We apologize the above piece is not By Seifesellasie Gebre it was an error.


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