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Ethiopian air force bombs yet again the city of Alamata in Southern Tigrai

Tigrai Online December 17, 2021


Today December 17, 2021 the Ethiopian Air force bombed the city of Alamata for the 2nd day in row. Today Ethiopian jet fighters bombed a hospital & a city square killing many & injuring many more civilians. Tigrai is not only under siege it is also under constant bombardment. Yesterday December 16, 2021 Ethiopian air force fighter jets and attack drones repeatedly bombed Alamata city killing 28 and injuring 79 at the last count, the number of killed and injured could be much higher after counted is finalized.

Meanwhile in a different news the United Nations Human Rights Council voted on Friday December 16, 2021 to establish an independent investigation into atrocities in the Tigrai war in Ethiopia. Senior United Nations officials indicated there had been human rights violations on a wider scale and mass arrests after the Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency a few weeks ago. Thousands of ethnic Tigraians have been rounded up all over Ethiopia and over 30 thousand of them in the capital Addis Ababa only.

Ethiopia expressed that it will not cooperate with United Nations established mechanism to independently investigate atrocities committed in the country. The Ethiopian regime has been working to hide the brutal atrocities, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara force in Tigra. The main reason for the Ethiopian government communication blackout is to the Ethiopian regimes crimes from the world. Zenebe Kebede Ethiopia's envoy to the United Nations in Geneva denounced establishment of an independent investigation into atrocities in his country saying, "No more to double standards; no more to unilateral coercive measures; and no more to meddling in internal affairs under the pretext of human rights."

The people of Tigrai are fighting for their existence and survival.


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