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Amhara Region Diaspora Members Held a Successful Meeting in Washington, D.C.

News Release from the Ethiopian Embassy, Washington, D.C.
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, May 20, 2016

Amhara Region Diaspora Members Held a Successful Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Amhara Region Diaspora Members Held a Successful Meeting in Washington, D.C. at the Ethiopian Embassy. Invited guests and dignitaries were present at the meeting.


Hundreds of Amhara Region Diaspora members residing in the Washington D.C. Metro area held a successful meeting at the Ethiopian Embassy on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

The Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) delegation led by H.E. Gedu Andargachew, President of the Amhara National Regional State, addressed the hundreds of a packed audience of Ethiopians on regards of the propitious investment environment currently obtaining in Ethiopia, and invited the Natives to invest in the Region.

On the meeting, a presentation was made wherein the congregation was apprised on Investment in particular and the Growth and Transformation Plans 1, and 2 in general. It was stated that investment is the kernel of the current agenda in our country and centre piece of the government's strategy beside Peace, Development and Democracy.

During the presentation it was made clear that conducive investment climate created in the Amhara Region and the major economic and social activities undertaken to improve the lives of the people have proven tremendously positive by all standards. It was also underscored that the development strides in the Region in particular and Ethiopia in general have been corroborated by notable institutions and world media.

Ato Gedu then opened the floor for a candid discussion and admitted that most of the questions raised were positive enough that were answered from the Chair.

The President, during the interactive meeting, reminded the community members to take personal initiative to actively engage in the national development by resolving to put their competencies, skills and fund into use to make a difference in all fields. The audience expressed its readiness to inject their share in their area of competence in the on-going investment and national socio-economic drive.

Ambassadors, including Ambassador Girma Birru, invited guests and officials who came from the Amhara Region were in attendance of the meeting.


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