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Report claims Amnesty International tried regime change in Eritrea

Tigrai Online January 8, 2015

A report circulating on the internet claims Amnesty International and HRW tried to overthrow the Eritrean regime in 2011. The reported regime change mission was allegedly financed by the United States Department under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Report claims Amnesty International tried regime change in Eritrea

The letter is addressed to one Mr. Adams a senior researcher at Amnesty International in Tanzania. The letter goes on to inform this Mr. Adams that he has been assigned to a confidential mission in the state of Eritrea. “On behalf of the Department of African Affairs and of the Executive committee of Amnesty International based here at the International Secretariat, I wish to announce to you that you have been appointed to be part of a 4 man delegation to Eritrea beginning 6th to 16th September, 2011.”

Did Amnesty International actually tried to overthrow the Eritrean regime through public unrest? We are not sure. The Eritrean government has been accusing the U.S.A trying to instigate regime change through different means.

The senior Eritrean government officials are delusional to believe the Eritrean youth are fleeing their country because the U.S.A government is enticing them to leave their country. They don’t even see what they are doing to the people has anything to do with it. On the other hand the Amnesty International was caught red handed in Cuba trying to organize the people to revolt against the government using social media. It wouldn’t be surprising if this report is true.

The document provides detail information how to meet people and what to do when they meet potential local people to work with. “The individuals that you identify to work with in Asmara must be brave, strong hearted and resilient, they must be ready to later mobilize the rest of the internet community in other parts of the country as soon as possible. They should be able to use the money they receive from us in correct say as intended. Our intended goal is that by December this year, the regime of Issayas Afewerky should be shaking and ready to fall, and we are working on the final details now of an ICC Warrant for crimes against humanity for the President.” (emphases ours). The report does not say what happen to the mission at the end.

This document seems too detail and too real to be made up by the Eritrean regime. Assuming the document is authentic, we can conclude the Eritrean president is right to be so paranoid about Eritrea. God knows if they have dropped the idea of regime change in Eritrea or not.

As we read the report about Amnesty International sending people to Eritrea to organize people for regime change, we can’t help it but think about the group calling itself Zone-9 in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government said they were involved in terrorist activity and planning to overthrow the Ethiopian government. They were also trained by some shady Kenyan character working to one of this international “human rights organizations”. Do the westerners love the people in the Horn of Africa to try bringing us regime change? I wil let you answer that question.

We know the Eritrean regime is brutal to it’s own people and a trouble maker in the region, but why do the so called humanitarian organizations want to overthrow governments in the third world in a clandestine way? Makes you really wonder.

Click here to read the report

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