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Five people are hurt at the Anwar Mosque in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 11, 2015

Five people are hurt at the Anwar Mosque in Addis Ababa

Nineteen Ethiopians were hurt five of them very seriously from an explosive device thrown at innocent people exiting the Anwar Mosque in Addis Ababa after Friday prayers.


The Ethiopian federal police are collecting evidence, processing the crime sense and gathering any information related to this cowardly act against people who were in a place of worship.

The Ethiopian Anti Terrorism Task Force indicated that the device was thrown by unknown individual at the innocent people and all the security forces are in all out man hunt to apprehend this evil individual and his collaborators.

The Ethiopian police are asking the public to be on the lookout for those terrorists and be vigilant about any suspicious activities they see around them. All Ethiopians are encouraged to help the security forces catch the criminals by sending their tips and information regarding this gutless and evil people.

This is a well coordinated campaign by the guardians of poverty and slaves of Ethiopia’s arch enemies to stir public unrest and derail the Ethiopian miraculous developmental transformation.

This is an evil plan to divide Ethiopians on religious lines and turn our country to what we see in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. The above countries were stable and doing well before the so called “Arab Spring”. True they were under dictatorship and the leaders were clinging to power for decades, but their citizens were not dying from hunger, they were not fleeing their countries, their countries were not reduced to ash, and millions didn’t die from civil wars. All the above countries with the exception of Egypt are failed states. Look at Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, those countries are torn apart at seam breaking down in to nothing.


 The above scenario is waiting for Ethiopia if the people are not carful and watch for what our enemies are planning for our country.

Some of the people in the above Arab countries were honestly fighting for freedom and they sought forces behind the Arab Springs were genuinely helping them get democracy, but look what they got. Some people say we don’t have to stop opposing the government out fear the country might fall apart. Well, the point is to choose the right time and place and know who you are working with for what purpose.

The Ethiopian government should be wise to time everything perfectly. When you are dealing with a huge problem of drought and countries are becoming increasingly nervous about your Mega Dam, we don’t think it is a good idea to take actions that will make certain parts of the country angry.

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