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Abiy Ahmed should be arrested for crimes against Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people

Tigrai Online Nov. 4, 2019

Abiy Ahmed by his inaction is implicated in a crime against humanity

Abiy Ahmed should be arrested for treason, crimes against Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people before he run out of Ethiopia


Abiy Ahmed Ali the appointed temporary prime minister of Ethiopia should be arrested for treason and crimes against humanity.

Abiy Ahmed has committed treasonous acts against the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) by passing state secret to the Eritrean government and hostile terrorist groups who were based in Eritrea and who were launching military attacks against Ethiopian civilians who live in the border areas with Eritrea.

According to a YouTube video released on August 15, 2019 by the owner of Walia Information channel, Andargachew Tsige was in Toronto to conduct meeting on behalf of Ethiopia Citizens for Social Justice-ECSJ (ኢዜማ). The meeting which took place on July 20, 2019 at 606 Danforth Ave Toronto, ON M4K 1R3 was attended by sixty invited guests. Based on the video Andargachew Tsige has allegedly said the following about his conversation with Abiy Ahmed right after he was released from prison. The following is direct quotation from the video not from Andargachew Tsige;

Right after I was released from prison, Abiy Ahmed said to me even though you were in prison for four years, I was in prison for six years so I have two more years than you. When I asked him, how could you say that after I spent four years in prison Dr. Abiy?  While I was working for the Ethiopian spy agency Information Network Security Agency (INSA) and I was passing importation to you guys (Ginbot-7 which was declared as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian government at that time) I had given my nick to the knives and bullets, I sent my wife and three children to America, I was gambling with my life and had I been exposed the TPLF would have killed me. Under these circumstances I was passing sensitive information to your organization (Arbengoch Ginbar Ginbot - 7) I am sure you remember that, don’t you? He asked me”.


According to the video on You Tube Andargachew continued to explain how Abiy Ahmed was helping Ginbot – 7 while it was in Eritrea. “Actually Dr. Abiy  doesn’t want the information to come out, but while I was discussing with him for three hours in the prime minister’s office he told me he was helping us in many ways. In the middle of our conversation he said Andargachew, the only one who could mediate Shabiya or Isaias Afwerki is you Ginbot – 7 particularly you Andargachew Tsige. I have tried presidents, Kings, Amirs and I have tried Sheikhs, but none of them could mediate me with him, but my gut tells me you could mediate me with him and I said ok I will try. Then I headed to Eritrea and I spoke with Eritrean president about this, but the Eritrean president told me, how could you trust this puppet who grew up under Woyane? I said I trust him, but what reasons do you have to trust him? Do you remember those sensitive information we got from Woyane, he was the source of these information I told him. Really he said! He knows what information I was talking about and he said if that is the case I will send Yemane Gebreab to Ethiopia. The he sent Yemane to Ethiopia and the peace deal was done.

If you wish to watch the You Tube video we cited above here is the link cut and paste it in to your browser, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2r_8tjqkmg.

Tigrai Online couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the above information provided on the video, but Ginbot – 7’s Chairman Dr. Berhanu Nega is one of the top aids of Abiy Ahmed and Ginbot-7 has christened itself one more time and it is now one of ECSJ founders. Also we know Abiy Ahmed is establishing his own brand new party called Ethiopian Prosperity Party – EPP. Berhanu Nega’s ECSJ and Abiy Ahmed’s EPP are supposed to be merged. Abiy Ahmed and Berhanu Nega were working together for many years how to destroy EPRDF, the Ethiopian constitution and federal system. The plan of destroying the Ethiopian federal system is dubbed as “change”. Indeed it is a change, but it is a change to go back to the past dreaded century where one ethnic dominated the economic, political and social aspects of Ethiopians.

The above outlined information shows Abiy Ahmed was aiding and abetting terrorist groups and a country which was in a bloody conventional war and still was in war footing with Ethiopia while working as a spy agent. If this was in any other country like he himself allegedly said would have been more than enough to have him charged and convicted for treason.

We can imagine why Abiy Ahmed and his masters are so franticly and desperately trying to arrest the former Information Network Security Agency (INSA) director, Mr. Getachew Assefa. The same is true why the Deputy Director of Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Major Biniam Tewelde was arrested on a bogus corruption charges. The real reason why Abiy Ahmed is dying to arrest Mr. Getachew Assefa is not because he committed any crime, but it is most likely he knows too much secret about Abiy Ahmed’s crimes and who is really behind the silent coup in Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed by his own inaction is implicated in a crime against humanity.

Since Abiy Ahmed came to power over three million Ethiopians have been internally displaced. While Abiy is in power over 250 children, women and men were killed in Benishangul-Gumuz. Thousands of minority Qemants have been also killed and displaced. Actually an active genocide is taking place against the minority Qemant people and Abiy Ahmed as the prime minister of Ethiopia is not doing anything to stop it.

This month yet another 86 people lost their lives under the watch of Abiy Ahmed and we are afraid this will not be the end of it unless the Ethiopian army removes this treasonous man from power, arrest him and charge him for treason and crimes against humanity. If this man is not arrested as soon as possible he will start untold destruction in Ethiopia and flee the country like his comrade (“Gowad”) Mengistu Hailemariam.  

Urgent need for federalist led transitional administration to save Ethiopia


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