Network of Ethiopians for Developent and Peace
(NEDAP)Press Release

July 25 2010

Network of Ethiopians for Developent and Peace Press Release
It is public secret that in the last 20 years, the role of the Ethiopian Diaspora in the affairs of our country was mixed at best. The good news is the majority of Ethiopians in the Diaspora have been actively participating in the peace and development of their country. It is only few radical opposition groups in coalition with our adversaries that have been directly involved in damaging activities towards our country. Overall, the balance favors the supporters rather than the detractors.

Despite our large numbers, however, the supporters and well-wishers of our country have lacked coordination and organizational integration. We have not been able, up to this point, to organize a coalition of positive forces that could enable us to speak with one and effective voice. We have come to the realization that the present state of affairs would not take us forward fast enough to attain our long term objectives. As a result, we are happy to announce the formation of an advocacy group- the Network of Ethiopians for Development and Peace (NEDAP).

Among the major objectives of the Network are to have an active and sustained involvement in the development activities inside our country and to run advocacy campaigns in the US Congress, Canadian Parliament, Human Rights organizations and the American and Canadian media.

The Founding Members of the NEDAP are an amalgamation of organizations that includes EPRDF-SF North America, EPRDF-SF Canada, EPRDF-SF Europe, EPRDF-Support Group, MahberTegaru North America), web-sites (Aiga Forum, Awefeki, Hebrezema), radios (Hagerfikir, Selam, Atlanta radio), and pal-talk-room owners and or administrators (Ethio-civility, GezaTegaru).

In conclusion, we would like to invite all peace and development-loving Ethiopians throughout the world, to join our Network and strengthen support for Ethiopia. We are confident that the coming era will see the mobilization and coming together of Ethiopia’s supporters and the annihilation of it enemies.