Sana'a Forum Foreign Ministers conclude meeting
emphasizing regional security

Tigrai Online
August 02 2010

SANA'A, Aug. 01 (Saba)- Foreign Ministers of Sana'a Forum concluded on Sunday in Sana'a the Forum's extraordinary meeting within the 12th session of the Executive Committee of the Forum.

The Forum's foreign ministers discussed the latest developments in the regional arena topped by the situation in Somalia as well as situations in the Forum's member states, in addition to the role of the Sana'a Forum in preserving security and stability in the region and combating extremism, terrorism and sea piracy.

The conclusion statement of the Forum pointed out to their meeting with President Ali Abdullah Saleh during which they acquainted him with the developments and decisions they took and listened to his comments and directives concerning the activation of the Sana'a Forum role.

The Ministerial Council of the Sana'a Forum emphasized the following:

Somali Situation:
The Forum affirmed support for the Somali people and its interim government to confront terrorism elements, calling the international community to shoulder responsibility towards Somalia. The Forum also called for supporting the Somali government to build the state institutions and security and army forces.

The Republic of Sudan:
The Forum congratulated results of the Sudanese parliamentary elections which reflected the high participation in the democratic practices, praising efforts of the Sudanese government in implementing the peace agreement in the south of the country.

The Republic of Ethiopia:
The participants in the meeting hailed the democratic elections held recently in Ethiopia reflecting the will of the Ethiopian people and evaluated efforts of the Ethiopian government in settling peace in Sudan and Somalia, affirming the importance of resolving the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Republic of Djibouti:
The meeting expressed appreciation for commitment of Djibouti to resolve the border dispute with Eritrea peacefully, congratulating the Qatari mediation in this regard.

The Republic of Yemen:
The Forum affirmed adherence of the Sana'a Forum member states to unity, security and stability of Yemen, rejecting any external interference in the domestic affairs of Yemen. They denounced all kinds of terror and destruction acts committed under any pretext, praising the call of President Saleh for dialogue.

The Sana'a Forum:
The Executive Council of the Sana'a Forum stressed commitment to the agreement of the Forum, promising to work to activate it and urged all concerned institutions in the member states to abide by implementation of decisions of the meeting in the economic, social, cultural and security areas. They also agreed to hold the coming summit in Sana'a either end of 2010 or beginning of 2011.

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