Hundreds of Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans
Stage a Huge Demonstration in front of the White House

By Tsehaye Debalkew
August 06 2010

Hundreds of Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans Stage a Huge Demonstration in front of the White House and the State Department in Washington DC

Tigrai Online-August 06, 2010 - Ethiopians from the entire breadth and width of the United States and as far afield as Canada turned out in droves to declare their unflinching support for the on-going democratization process, economic progress and revitalization and the prevalence of peace in their native country Ethiopia on Thursday August 5,2010.

 A record high level of Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans in the Diaspora who traveled from the major cities of America and Canada converged in full bloom in front of the White House and marched in long-lines to the State Department at Pennsylvania Avenue of the Metropolis, chanting pro-democracy, development and peace songs and waving the tri-color Ethiopian flag punctuated by a yellow star comfortably lying on blue background.

 In what is a briskly and massive turn-out in the history of the Ethiopian Diaspora, the marching crowd also vehemently condemned the recent terrorist attack in Kampala, Uganda, which targeted innocent civilians, that included over 76 victims among whom were Ethiopian Nationals.

 The peaceful demonstrators also carried slogans and placards asserting in no uncertain terms, the right of Ethiopia to peacefully and gainfully utilize the Nile water for the national development and progress underway without adversely affecting countries whose livelihood has been heavily and solely dependent on the Nile water for eternity.

The Ethiopians who were chanting slogans and songs, hoisting the Ethiopian flag called upon  the US to continue to be an active partner in Ethiopia's drive to realize democracy, the rule of law, justice, human rights, good governance, peace and development.

The peaceful marchers also hailed the strong bond that is currently prevailing between the US and Ethiopia in their onslaught against international terrorism.

The demonstrators vowed to contribute their share in support of Ethiopia's effort to make poverty, a thing of the past, by further mobilizing their resources, knowledge and networking and by enlisting the support of the people, government and civil society of the host countries. Senior State Department officials met the representatives of the peace marchers and held a lengthy and fruitful discussion.