36th anniversary of UTNA and 14th anniversary of Tigray Festival

By Michael
August 07 2010

Back in my home town after a five day trip to Las Vegas just early this morning, I canít help but to contemplate on what has transpired at the Tigray Festival from 1-5 August.

Tigrai Online - 36th anniversary of UTNA and 14th anniversary of Tigray Festival Las Vegas had some guests of the unusual type who have come to her not to gamble and get drunk, but, they have come for some serious deliberation of sort. These are souls who congregate in for some reflection on the way forward, for some get together in meetings, sports, cultural music and cook outs. And what a great stay it had been for me and many others to have been there and experience the many meetings and parties.

It is not just the mere meetings and get together that one might be compelled to take as an accomplishment, but in regards to UTNA and its resolution at the end of the meetings, it has been regarded as yet another milestone by transferring the organization to a younger generation. It wasnít this particular year that UTNAís members contemplate and talk about transferring the organization to new and young generation, but, what makes this year special is the commitment that backs it up in electing a new breed of leaders, not few being young ones.

This, I hope, will likely spring the UTNA in to a new era of accomplishments. The other major point in the meeting was also the new way of pursuing UTNAís dream. This was also accepted by members by in large. For the new approach and the new generationís taking the leadership role culminating is of great importance, for a new idea prefers a new mind set.

I have enjoyed the stay in Vegas, the warmth of welcome by the Tigrean community and their dedication in making this event successful. The many people who have traveled from near and far gave it color and rejuvenating festive mood to the event. With this spirit, I can only say, see you Deki Adey in a year in some other town after having more accomplishments under our belts.

So long