Six Arrested in Japan for Involvement in 2008 Citibank Scam

Tigrai Online
Sept 03 2010

On Thursday, Japanese police arrested six people who were allegedly part of a multi-million dollar scam. $27.2 million was illegally transferred from the National Bank of Ethiopia account at Citibank in 2008.

The arrested suspects were three Nigerians, two Japanese and one from Ghana.

Sources say the six are suspected of money laundering approximately $6.5 million of the funds wired from the $27.2 million scammed from the Citibank account in the United States.

U.S. prosecutors said that in October 2008, the suspects made a total of about 24 wire transfers amounting to almost $27.2 million to various accounts they controlled in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Cyprus and the United States.

Sources say most of the $6.5 million transferred to the Japanese accounts have been withdrawn, although it's not known at this time where the money has gone.

From September through November of last year, the suspects sent fake-signed documents to Citibank appearing to match signatures of officials at the National Bank of Ethiopia.