New contract to air ETV in North America

Tigrai Online
Sept 30 2010

My Africa Channel TV (MAC.TV) has joined forces with Ethiopian Radio &Television Agency (ERTA), the Ethiopian Official TV, to broadcast its program in the USA.

New contract to air ETV in North America: The CEO of MAC.TV, Menelik Zeleke and the General Manager of ERTA, Ato Zeray Asgedom, had signed a contractual agreement in April 2010, to test the market for ETV in the USA. This was done under the authority of the highest level of the Ethiopian Government.

Successful test period: The test has proven to be a tremendous success, overwhelmingly exceeding our expectations. The Ethiopian Diaspora community has found ETV to be informative and has created a renewed sense of purpose, and direct engagement with their country of origin with LOVE and PRIDE for their respective communities.

Reaching 30 plus States and over 40 million Homes: As of 10 September 2010 ERTA and MAC.TV have now signed a long term agreement to produce joint programming for the US market. MAC.TV will expand the ETV viewership to over 30 plus States, broadcasting to over 40 million homes in the U.S.A., and ERTA currently broadcasts to over 6 global satellites. MAC.TV is currently in contract discussions with Time Warner, Dish Network and Direct TV.

Diaspora Living in the US: For the first time MAC.TV viewer in the Diaspora, living in the US will expand to a far greater global market to advertise their product and express their opinions.

Channel MHz 10. ERTA-MAC.TV will move to channel MHz 10, which will be our new permanent home. Yes… ETV will return to the US not on unreachable satellite, but to your home on cable.

Streaming ETV on the web: MAC.TV’s agreement with ERTA is to stream ETV over the World Wide Web to over 100,000 simultaneous connections.

Contact information. For more information contact us via email: or
Call 202-580-3233 and review our web site at: Please ask for Menelik Zeleke!