The Ethiopian Government grants pardon to Birtukan Medeksa again

Tigrai Online
Oct. 06 2010

Ethiopian opposition party leader Birtukan Medeksa

The government of Ethiopia today granted pardon to Birtukan Mideksa. According to a press release the Ministry of Justice sent to WIC, she was released from prison as she submitted a request for pardon to the government of Ethiopia.

She wrote a statement asking to be pardoned on the grounds that she regretted what she did in the past, the statement said.

"I express my deep regret for deceiving the Ethiopian people and government by denying my release on pardon, the ministry quoted her as saying in a statement "Pledging not to ever resolve to these fraudulent and deceptive acts, I beg the Ethiopian people and government to grant me pardon, it said.

"In her remorseful petition, Birtukan Mideksa implored the prime minister to grant her a second pardon for her to be able to see her mother and child," it added.

Birtukan was jailed since she violated the pardon agreement that freed her from prison by claiming that she had not asked for a pardon, the statement indicated.