Shabiya's Friend Senator Russ Feingold in tough fight
to keep his job as a senator

Tigrai Online
Oct. 28 2010

Senator Russ Feingold

One of the ironies of the 2010 cycle is that Russ Feingold appears likely to lose his seat in part over disgust with insiders and incumbents.

Feingold really isn't an insider -- he's a thorn in the side of Democrats in general and the White House in particular, a guy without many friends in Washington. He's also a liberal, of course.

But Ron Johnson's final shot at him, above, focuses on tearing down his "maverick" status -- not just casting him as to the electorate's left.

Senator Feingold is the author of Senate Bill S.3757, "Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia Act of 2010" and he is working behind close doors with Shabiya and the toxic diaspora to distablise Ethiopia.