Enat Bank to Start Operations with Economic Empowerment
of Women as its Central Mission

Tigrai Online
Oct. 30 2010

Enat Bank logo

October 29, 2010 Addis Ababa: Enat Bank held a press conference today at Sheraton Addis to report on the Bank’s establishment progress and its development mission as the Bank reaches its last count down days to finalize the selling of founders’ shares by December 9 of this year.

Enat Bank’s Chairperson, Ms Meaza Ashenafi, stated that the Bank is going to become the first bank in Ethiopia with operational emphasis of working towards developing the income generation capacity of women and the youth of Ethiopia.

Ms Meaza also stated that the Bank is finalizing it preparations and is going to open for service after the sell of the Bank’s shares that started in April of 2010 close down on Dec 9, 2010. She further stated that Enat Bank is going to be instrumental in implementing the country’s growth and transformation plan as well as playing a crucial role in encouraging and facilitating the saving and investment habits of the Ethiopian public.

Enat Bank plans to implement an outreach strategy that would encompass segments of the population that is currently not being reached through the modern banking system operating in Ethiopia. The Bank is confident that the participation and inclusion of the youth and women as its key stakeholders would be the unique and major force behind its strategy to ensure profitable outcomes for its stakeholders.