Decadent chauvinist's Myth and Effrontery that won't quit;

By Hadish Hagos
Nov. 09 2010

I always felt responding to all the craps, false, distorted allegations and clan bigot's hate mongering is a waste of time , since they are incapable , reversing the journey Ethiopia has embarked on getting rid off poverty , disease and illiteracy,but for how long are these people to puke on us.It is not unrealistic to think that there could be a few naive people that could believe the chauvinist myth and farce.After all Hitler was one individual who was able to mislead the German people and ignite holocaust of the Jews people.If One individual in Rwanda can be responsible for the interahamwe lead genocide, using one radio station.We all remember Hailu showel's promise to the desperate diaspora that 10,000 to 15, 000 people have to die to overthrow the EPRDF government. Who was the Target?Should these people be allowed to continue to spew their venomous hatred and vile attack towards one race?For years now we have been bombarded with their vicious propaganda attacking one race with intent to incite racial violence and dismantle what little hope has been gained with so much blood and tears.Due to their inflated opinion of their place in Ethiopian history , they thinks that no body but them has the right to decide what Ethiopia should be.

Let's look at some of their Myth's.

Myth#1:The issue of national question/equality as racism and as if it is only Tigrian issue.

This is like the KKK calling African Americans racist. For centuries all the nations and nationalities has been marginalized and forgotten, while the few elite benefit and prosper.Dehumanized and condemned by the worst kind of oppression, all the nations and nationalities manged to call Ethiopia their country

So who is a racist?

Due to their arrogance and ignorance ,these few decadent remnant chauvinist, believe that their racist derogatory remarks, calling others names(yeband ligoch,Kimalam Tigre,yehagos wishoch, etc)should be acceptable, and is supposed to make me more of an Ethiopian. On the other hand the recognition and respect of our diversity and equality based on this principle is considered divisive and racism.Well, as the Prime minister put it , "the old divide and rule , feudal system and murderer DERG are buried, they are not coming back". I am Tigrian-Ethiopian, Oromo-Ethiopian,Amhara -Ethiopian, Somali-Ethiopian etc) and proud Ethiopian. So there are many who have a stake at the issue , not just Tigrians.

Myth #2; TPLF/EPRDF , in addition to permitting Eritrea to cessed from Ethiopia, they are creating animosity between the Amharas and other nationalities, specifically encouraging the Oromos to attack Amharas.

This is nothing but a desperate and malicious intention, to spread hatred and isolate Tigrians. To start with Eritrea did not need permission from any body, right or wrong.Would they have earned it if they were the only one fighting ? Not in a million years,but lucky for them ,they were able to benefit from the struggle of other Ethiopians. We all know who gave Eritrea away,Minilik II.

Even though their intention is to create animosity against the Tigrians , they do not realize that they are insulting the Oromos, and other oppressed people,as if they do not know their history, as if they were not in slaved and their land taken by the few Neftegna feudal Amharas and as if they are not capable voicing their grievances. ( by the way, I believe the word neftegna was coined by Oromos). Due to their arrogance and ignorance they do not see this could back fire an them.

Myth #3; They think disparaging Tigrians will get them support and unite them with others against Tigrians.

Who in his/her right mind would like to go back to the old "one glove fits all" system?Only a fool will think that, the people who used to be oppressed are not aware what has been gained through so much sacrifices, and that they would not protect it.Tigrians have paid more than they share but all Ethiopian have paid a price, and they will do everything that is required of them,if they have to, to preserve their freedom, stop insulting others and disparaging Tigrians as anti Ethiopia's unity

Myth#4; The double digit growth Ethiopia has registered for the last few years ( 5 to 7 ) is wayane propaganda.

If it was true ,they argue, why are there still many poor people? An outlandish and naked argument. How many years of consecutive growth dose it take, for a country like Ethiopia which was kept in the dark ages by the Feudal system, the lowest educated population even by African standard, with no infrastructure to speak off?5?10?20?30?50? How long?But what do we expect from these contemptuous people? who have been relentless attacking the Ethiopian people, running around like a rabid dog, trying to stop any help from the world bank. IMF, Europeans, or US. They even,attempted to block people form using Ethiopian Airline,buy goods from Ethiopia etc.So their concern is not Ethiopian growth, it is power.

Myth #5; Federalism as a cause for the tension and division among Ethiopians.

Federalism is the union of the willing and the EPRDF's lead bold and new system is bearing fruits.People are realising, recognition and accommodation of each other's unique language, culture is not divisive , on the contrary, has united them more than ever. It is my belief that many African countries need to adapt federalism. It is the only solution to all the Tribal killings that is taking place all over the continent, Sudan, Somalia, DRC, even as we saw it in Kenya. The Rwanda's genocide could have been avoided. The 2 million death in Dar fur could have been avoided Eritrea could have stayed federated with Ethiopia if it was not for the shortsighted and arrogant chauvinist lead by Haile Selassie.

Ethiopia is at a cross road and this is unique period for our people and our time should have been spent on ideas that will contribute to the growth and transformation of our country, but these people continue to drags us back;
To those who are sane and love their people it is time to join hands and help our country and discard the evil among us.
I am very optimistic Ethiopia will prevail, and I will see it in my life time.

good luck Ethiopia