Call for pogrom-the verifiable attack of Tigreans
by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch

Tigreans could pay the price for Meles crimes

By Bereket Kiros
Nov. 11 2010

There is a very thin line between the exercise of individual freedoms of thought and expression and crossing the line and inciting violence. In the latter case it is a serious crime which may lead to legal action. So far we Tigreans in the Diaspora have been portrayed as unpatriotic and sellout as some sycophantic websites and few narrow ethnicists tried to label us. Now paid mercenaries have ultimately joined the bandwagon in disseminating the lies and disparaging the whole of the Tigrean populace by trying to create a rift among Ethiopians. It is very troubling to idly sit and watch without confronting these messengers of death and mayhem. The sheer belligerency of the verbal assault and bigotry against the Tigreans is unprecedented in its incivility and ferocity.

We have allowed for too long those kinds of rubbish propaganda to float in many websites by the hate mongers and supporters of the murderous gangs á la interahamwe. It is time that we must brace up as a force to challenge and unmask the propaganda campaign waged against the people of Tigray and us Tigreans in the Diaspora and bring sanity and coherence to prevail among our Ethiopian compatriots. The Tigrean people have throughout their history shown that their collective willpower of survival is their bravery of resistance. This was also true during the fascist atrocities of the Derg regime, where determination and self-reliance were the lodestars in the struggle to get rid of the dangers of extermination. No current or earlier watchdogs, no human rights groups and no government of dignity were up to condemn the scorched earth policy and killing squads of the Derg Junta.

Finishing off the Derg and its party structure might not be welcomed in the first hand by those perpetrators of torture and suffering of the Ethiopian people and those whose vested interest were wiped away by the fall of the regime. We know for fact that the Diaspora politics is falling like autumn leaves and is at last ditch to be buried forever never to resurrect and play its dirty game of suppressing and dehumanizing the Ethiopian people. This group is desperate and we Tigreans are being attacked by this vociferous and worthless lot even to the extent of hiring its paid spokespersons and torpedoes. Why do Tigreans have to pay the price? These few Shaibia agents like Elias Kifle, self-proclaimed politicians and their associates are trying too hard to disunite Ethiopians in general and Tigreans in particular by creating fault-lines to existing or non-existing problems and ultimately bring about confrontation or alienate each other from their common heritage as a people.

We have to fight back such extremely hostile narrow ethnicists’ campaign of abhorrence and ignorance. We have been attacked and accused of opportunism without being the direct beneficiaries of any system in Ethiopia while the same groups of ethnoracists are known for their history of silence and complicity during the previous regimes. Most of what Dr. Gregory Stanton brought forward in his televised appearance is in our opinion cowardly innuendo and false analogy. After all he is a man of vanity who has no compassion, no demonstrable awareness of our Ethiopia. However, the real reason behind is a scheme in full steam trying to undermine Ethiopia’s unity and bring chaos and civil war. A person who is said to curtail such developments in our world is advocating bloodshed to take place against Tigreans.

What is tragic is to imagine the type of government to be on place in Ethiopia if people like Stanton have their final say. The hateful “exile politicians” sitting, laughing and applauding the death messenger while predicting that “Tigreans will be the victims of genocide and become aliens in the country” is beyond all reasons. It defies any rationale to justify why Tigreans have to pay the price for the type of government existing in Ethiopia. EPRDF is a coalition composed of many nationalities federated by common interest. It is simply an Ethiopian government recognized by all the world bodies and not as he contemptibly described as a “Tigrean regime”.

We don’t understand why Tigreans have to be targeted for such assault campaign and propaganda by this heinous man. This is an archetype and irresponsible person who would like to see and enjoy the killing fields of yet another failed state in the sub region of the Horn of Africa. His scorn and anti-Ethiopian stand cannot lead him anywhere and his call for pogrom of Tigreans is unfortunately not going to be heeded by all our Ethiopian compatriots. This frustrated man, though in his incessant ploy tried to bring to justice for the alleged crimes of 421 Annuak brothers and sisters, his letters were ignored by the UN High Commissioner for Human rights. If Genocide Watch though an obscure organization dominated by this man, is going to be a global organ of credibility and be taken seriously as a spokesperson for any imminent crisis elsewhere in the world, then it has to retract the statement made by its President and relive him from all duties in the organization.