Awlaelo Alumni Changed Its Name

By Atsbha Gebru
Nov. 28 2010

To all Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association members, supporters, family, and friends:

Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association counted seven good years with remarkable success on every venue it had taken. Even though the achievement was very commendable, the Association always strives to do better. One way to do better is to find ways to attract more members.

As the word “Alumni “refers to graduates or former students of a specific school, the Association finds it necessary to change its name to a name that is more inclusive of all people from all walks of life. By making the name of the Association applying to everyone who wants to support the schools and educational developments in Kilte-Awlaelo, the Association is aiming to attract more members and to do better than the delighted job it has already done. Therefore, let it be known that Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association changed its name to Kilte-Awlaelo Schools Development Association (KASDA) to enlarge its scope.

Kilte-Awlaelo Schools Development Association will celebrate the reunion of its members, supporters, family, and friends on June 18, 2011 in Atlanta, GA and everyone is welcome to join us on this fun filled reunion night.

Thank You