By Menelik Zeleke
Nov. 28 2010

Once again, Ethiopian Radio &Television Agency (ERTA) and My Africa Channel TV (MAC.TV) have joined forces to bring quality Ethiopian programming to the US.

MAC.TV is pleased to announce that Ethiopia Television (ETV) will return to the U.S.A. starting December 1st. 2010 on the MHz Network and soon will reach all over the US.

Comments about the new contract to air ETV in North America: The CEO of MAC.TV, Menelik Zeleke, stated during a recent interview that “MAC.TV and ERTA will work hard to produce programming that will highlight the Diaspora community and promote a solidity all over the world. The Diaspora can take PRIDE as we share with the world, all the positive developments in our beloved Ethiopia.”

ETV broadcast soon to reach 40 million homes in the USA: In September, 2010, ERTA and MAC.TV entered a long term agreement to produce joint programming for the US market. MAC.TV will expand the ETV viewership to over 30 plus States, broadcasting to over 40 million homes in the U.S.A.

Diaspora Living in the US: For the first time MAC.TV viewer in the Diaspora, living in the US will expand to a far greater global market to advertise their product and express their opinions. MAC.TV will bring news from the local US government that will have a direct impact on your lives in the US. MAC.TV and ERTA will reach beyond the border of CNN and other News Network when it is concerning the African people. Your VOICE will be heard through US!

ETV Set to Air on the MHz Networks, Channel MHz 6, Daily from 4pm to 12midnight. ETV brought to you by ERTA-MAC.TV will move to the MHz Networks, on channel MHz 6 beginning December 1, 2010.
ETV will air temporarily on the MHz Networks, Channel 6, one of ten 24/7 channels available locally from MHz Networks. Viewers can tune into this channel and view ETV for eight continuous hours of programming from 4 PM ET daily on:

Over the air (OTA) digital broadcast channel 30.6
Verizon FiOS-----------452
Dish Network-----------8084

Very Soon! MAC.TV will announce the launch of an additional internet based platform to view ETV in US and throughout the Diaspora. In addition to the MHz broadcast, MAC.TV entered an agreement with ERTA to stream ETV over the internet.
We strongly urge you to call MHz (703-770-7100), and thank them for helping ERTA and MAC.TV to bring this programming to you! Contact your local Cable Company and thank them also.

Contact information. For more information contact about ETV in the US, contact Menelik Zeleke at My Africa Channel via email at or via telephone at 202-580-3233. Please visit My Africa Channel on the web at