Egypt day time colonization of Eritrea, cold war up graded to a warm war,
all in the next ten years?

By Gidoen Bahtemariam
Dec. 13 2010

Egypt day time colonization of Eritrea, cold war up graded to a warm war, all in the next ten years?
In my earlier article, I argued that Eritrea was bleeding, to fulfill Egypt’s grand design for Ethiopia. On this article, my prediction is that Egypt colonization will shift from night time, to that of day time colonization. Egypt will make this shift in the next ten years, due to major political and economical development in Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia. The radical change that is taking place in these three countries has also convinced that Egypt must heat up the war against Ethiopia at a faster rate . Therefore, within the next ten years, Ethiopia should expect an invasion from Egypt through Eritrea. While this war will be a disastrous for the horn of Africa region, I can say that it will be known as the war that is a sweeter than honey. At last Ethiopians and the people of horn of Africa will face the guardians of their misery.

Egypt versions cold war against Ethiopia and its ugly legacy
Ladies and gentleman, for centuries and decades Egypt has always tried to figure ways to annihilate Ethiopia. During King Yohannes era, Egypt carelessly tried to invade Ethiopia, and in 1875 it was taught a perfect lesson. In the 20th century Egypt succeed in becoming the main guardian of Ethiopian misery. The 20th century has been one of the saddest and most difficult aspects of Ethiopian history. In this century, we have lost brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, numbering in millions. Some of our cherished people died of war, others died due to famine related illnesses, and others perished in foreign lands. Many of our scholars never tried to document this sad aspect of our history. A history full of tragedy, misery, anger, pain, helplessness, and distraction. A history where many Ethiopian parents had to look their children in the eyes and tell them they do not have enough dinner for them. Ask every Ethiopian living in this face of this planet, and he or she has a sad story to tell you.

Anger misplaced, and the real guardians of misery over looked.
Many Ethiopians, Eritreans, and other neighbors find ourselves angry at each other. We blame each other for the misery that our country and our people have been through. The fact of the matter is that all of us have a sad story to tell. The tragic history that I mentioned above affected all the regions and provinces of Ethiopia, including Eritrea. But the question is who is responsible for this anger? Who is to blame? What are the criteria for blaming one group over the other group? While it is true, that all of us Ethiopians, and Eritreans are to be held accountable for our actions or inactions, the backbone of our misery, and the guardian of our misery is Egypt. Egypt made sure, that Ethiopian and Eritrean misery to transfer from one generation to another generation. In the 21 century Ethiopia finds itself in a position, to hold its ground, and utilize its natural resources. For Egypt, this is a sad reality. It’s a reality that Egypt can only imagine in its worst nightmare. In this context, Egypt has made it clear, that if Ethiopia continues to feed itself, Egypt will turn the cold war into a warm war. For this mega plan, Egypt will convert Eritrea to a settler colony.

Egypt’s Night time colonization of Eritrea will turn into fully fledged day time colonization
In the next ten years, Egyptian nationals will be number ten ethnic tribe of Eritrea. Egypt will send its nationals to Eritrea, under the cover of technical assistant, “teachers”, “nurses”, “doctors”, military trainers and “businessman”. Egypt wills no longer entrust Isayas as its main weapon against Ethiopia. As this point the Egyptian leaders think that Isyas Afeworki is a damaged goods. Instead they will use Isayas Afeworki as the man who will grant 2 million visas to Egyptian “technicians”. This will enable Egypt to successful convert Eritrea into a settlement colony. From Eritrea, Egyptians will attempt an invasion of Ethiopia. Egypt will keep this grand design as secret as possible. It will make sure that the name Egypt is not printed in this evil design. Even though the project to invade Ethiopia will consist of both native fighters, and Egyptians, the name attached to project will be Eritrea . For example, the sanctions that were imposed on Eritrea last year should have been imposed on Egypt. It was Egypt that was financing the destructive project. However, the projects were done, and executed through Isyas Aferworki, in the name of Eritrea. Egypt cleverly got away, but poor Eritreans screamed, yelled, marched against the UN? Really? How about trying to march against the main designer of the evil?

Why next ten years, think of new developments in Eritrea, Sudan, and Ethiopia
In Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia new political development are occurring faster than the Egyptian plan. The situation in Sudan has become out of Egypt’s control. Sudan will be entering into a cycle of civil war, and unprecedented political instability next year. The situation in Eritrea is not much better. The silent Eritrean population is waking up, and their anger and frustration will explode. In Ethiopia, there is a sign of major economical and political development. Economically, Ethiopia is growing, and more companies are investing in Ethiopia. Many Ethiopian nationalist are also realizing that a true nationalist is not one that talks, but one that takes a positive action to help his fellow country men and women. This is a new political development that is taking place in Ethiopia. If Ethiopia’s economic and political development continues unhindered in the next ten years, Ethiopia will be a formidable force in the horn of Africa. It’s in this context that Egypt will move couple million Egyptians to colonize Eritrea in broad day light, and attempt to invade Ethiopia before it is too late.

Revenge for the 20 million people we lost in the last couple centuries
As I mentioned earlier, due to Egypt’s cold war against Ethiopia, we have lost millions of precious lives. In recent memory, we lost hundreds of thoughts brothers and sisters in the regions of wollo and Tigray. Throughout the century though, I will estimate that Ethiopia has lost 20 million due to Egypt’s cold war. Now, the warm war which will be taking place in the next ten years will be a chance for every Ethiopian living in this planet to take revenge for the 2o million Ethiopians that have died in the past couple centuries. Every Ethiopian living in this planet has a cousin, brother, sister, father, that was a direct victim of Egypt’s cold war against Ethiopia. A warm war, with the golden race, Egypt will be a perfect, opportunity to get revenge, against Egypt. Instead of dying of hunger, immigration, disease, dying fighting the guardian of our misery will be the best death. Death has never been described as sweet, but a death fighting the guardians of our misery, will be sweeter than honey. Therefore, for us Ethiopians the war will be for our right to use the Nile river, and revenge. That is why I call it a sweet death.

A sweet death, to bury the guardian of our misery
As I mentioned above fighting Egypt, for our right to survive in this world, is a just war. If our blood flows like the Nile, our bones scatter Ethiopia then let it be. It’s a war of dignity, a war of justice, and a war against arrogance. Egypt has basically told us for many centuries, that even though the Nile River flows though our house we should not use it. Your family should starve to death, so that my golden race can eat in excess. In other words, it’s a war that every Ethiopian should be happy to fight and die. It’s a war that will finally help us release our long held anger toward Egypt. It is a war that will help us avenge the death of 20 million people that have died due to Egypt cold war type of aggression against Ethiopia. This is a sweet death that will free a guilty soul. It’s a sweet death, which will liberate an angry heart. It’s a sweet death, that will turn my land green and fertile. It’s a sweet death that will be the greatest equalizer. It’s a sweet death that will humble the arrogance of the golden race. It will be a sweet death, that will be documented in the annals of history for many years to come. It will be a sweet death, that will be celebrated by hundred thousands of poems. It will indeed be sweeter than honey, let us get ready.

Concluding remarks
Horn of Africans need to make a radical change on how they view each other. Horn of African people are not immortal enemies. To the contrary the people of horn of Africa have a lot in common. We are all the victims of Egypt cold war type of aggression. Horn of African people are destined to live as neighbors. We should never view each other as immortal enemies. At the minimum, we need to revaluate our thinking in regards to how we choose our friends, and who we label as enemy.