Shaebianism and Its Desperate attempt To Recuperate from a Terminal Disease

By Gidoen Bahtemariam
March. 23 2011

It has been said many times before, that Shaebianism, has tricked the entire nation of Eritrea for many years. Many Eritreans had bought the idea, that shaebianism was in the service of Eritrea. . As others have said it, and I repeated it, Badme war exposed everything about Sheabianism. Twelve years later after Badme war, Shaebianism has been well exposed to the entire nation of Eritrea and the international community. Today real Eritrean nationalism is knocking at the door of Eritrea, while an enemy induced organization and ideology shaebianism is gasping its last breath. Will Shaebia continue breathing by encircling itself with 400 thousand kidnapped youth and its masters of Cairo? In this article I will discuss shaebia’s desperate measure to survive, and how those policies have backfired on Shaebianism.

Operation Sunset and the beginning of the end for Shaebianism?

When Shaebia ignited a war that consumed many Ethiopian and Eritrean lives, Shaebianism was certain that it was going to get her way. From the dictator Isyas, and its top generals to the lowest ranking Shaebia puppet, Shaebia military victory over Ethiopia was certain. As it was expected, not only did Shaebia lose the war, but it abandoned almost half of the nation and its generals run to all the directions except to the frontline. After that Shaebian leaders begged for a peace treaty they had previously been rejected by them . Ethiopia not having an alternate motive other than defending its territory accepted the peace. The masters of Shaebia through diplomatic treachery were able to get an international ruling in favor of Shaebia, knowing well that that the international decision would not be acceptable by Ethiopia. Even though the outcome of Operation Sunset did not result in a favorable international ruling for Ethiopia, the hysteria that it left on Shaebia has been uncureable.

Operation Sunset Shaebia’s nightmare has left a hysteria on Shaebian psychic that is difficult to cure. Right after the peace deal was signed; shaebian leadership terrified and traumatized the Eritrean population. They kidnapped as many children, men, women as they can to feel safe. They imprisoned everybody that disagreed with them. By doing that they had three intentions. One intention is to feel a sense of safety after that nightmarish encounter of Operation Sunset. The other reason is to make themselves look like omnipresent, and invincible in the eyes of the Eritrean population. The power they lost by losing the Badme war, they decided to regained by destroying the Eritrean people society. And finally the third reason is to prolong the life of Shaebia and Shaebianism in Eritrea. That policy has backfired on Shaebia. Finally the Eritrean people understand the true nature of Shaebia.

Pre-Badme war Eritreans of all ages, and educational background trusted Sheabia

They genuinely believed that Shaebia will transform Eritrea into economical and politically viable country. Unfortunately Shaebianism has turned Eritrea into a country of chaos. No Eritrean person can move in Eritrea without the permission of Shaebian agents. Today in Eritrea moving freely is a black market business. If you want to move or go to place you want, you have to pay for it in cash, and if you do not have the cash you risk paying for it in your life. The Eritrea of today is an Eritrea where an Eritrean finds himself trapped for a life of uncertainty, and possibly death. This is the reality in Shaebia ruled Eritrea. This is the order of the day. But shaebia could not keep the Eritrean people caged forever. Today Shaebia no longer has the moral authority to represent the Eritrean people. The Eritrean people have wakened up, and he can no longer put them back to sleep. There are many Eritreans based in Eritrea and Diaspora, advocating for a free Eritrea. An Eritrea free from its colonizer Shaebianism.

As Eritreans continue to wake up from Shaebianims lies, and hate propaganda, Shaeia tries to invent more lies to portray itself as a victim of Ethiopia, and international conspiracy?

Beside those brain washed die hard sheabia puppets, Ethiopians and many Eritreans have observed the type of terrorist activities that Shaebia has been conducting in Ethiopia. The capital Asmara has more Ethiopian opposition groups, than there are factories. It has armed these groups and supported them to injure and destruct the Ethiopian society. Some of those groups did succeed in a number of times, and many innocent Ethiopians were killed. Shaeabia, has been conducting these type of activities unhindered. The only time Shaebia understands is when, you give it a good blow like that of operation sunset. For now, by encircling itself with those kidnapped youth, it has started to feel safe again. Its mekete tegadlity cadres are once again throwing slogans at us. They have started to say, “don’t mess with Eritreans”. They have started saying” Ethiopia wants to wage a war on us”.

The truth is that Shaebia has been waging a war on Ethiopia for the last twelve years. Ethiopia has ignored shaebian provocation, and terrorist activities for too long. When Ethiopia did that Shaebia, increased its terrorist activities. Shaebia begged Ethiopia for war for the last twelve years. Shaebia cadres never say anything constructive to their bosses. Ethiopia time after time, has warned Shaebia to desist from terrorist activities. It has warned it to stop, or else it will be forced to take a measure of self defense. Shaebia as always does not understand reasoning. Shaebia arrogantly has refused, and continued to carry on terrorist activities in Ethiopia. If a war starts shaebia and its agents are completely responsible.

At the mean time, Shaeaiba western based mekete tegadlity are sitting in front of their PC, not trying to organize Tahrir square, they are instead working hard to divide Ethiopians into small squares.

Shaebia mekete Tegay, or Tegadaly, is sitting in front of his PC, using different nicknames and saying hateful derogatory words directed toward different ethnic groups. The idea is to create enmity among Ethiopian people. These Shaebian tegadlity want to create hate among the Ethiopian family. By the way, this was the method Shaebia did to alienate our Eritrean brothers and sisters from feeling cultural and linguistic affinity with their neighbor Ethiopia. The helpless Shaebia puppets have exposed their evil ways of dividing people. These helpless shaebian puppets believe that by using different pen names on the Ethiopian websites, they have created a divided Ethiopia. They declare mission accomplished. The shaebian puppets have no clue about the Ethiopian nationalism that exists with every Ethiopian regardless of ethnicity. At this juncture in time regardless what the political discourse in Ethiopia, every Ethiopian knows that shaebianism is a puppet organization of the guardians of our misery. By now, the majority of Eritreans also understand that Shaebia and Shaebianism is an alien ideology meant to keep them subservient to the golden race for eternity. The pen name warriors are desperate individuals, who are working hard to maintain Eritreans misery.

Concluding Remarks:

In the past twelve years Shaebia has taken many radical actions both inside outside Eritrea. Even though the aim of these radical actions were meant to help it survive, at the end those radical actions that Shaebia took will be its undoing. In Eritrea, it arrogantly stepped on the Eritrean people at a level not matched by any previous regimes. In Ethiopia it armed terrorist for the destruction of innocent Ethiopians. The result of these polices will be backfire on Shaebia. The Eritrean people by now understand that their biggest threat to their existence is shaebia not Ethiopia.

As for Ethiopia, we are sure truth is on our side. Our innocent people have been hunted down by Isyas messengers many times. Sheabia is also guilty for been the main messenger of the guardians of our misery. The golden race who have told us that, we should not eat food that flows by our house. The guardians of our misery who have told us, it is ok for our children to die of hunger, while their children eat in excess. Shaebia and shebianism, is the prime messenger of these golden race. Sheabia will never serve the interest of the people. Shaebia will never reform and join the brother and sisterhood of the Horn African family. Shaebia, has been mentally, physically, controlled by the guardians of our misery. And I said it before and I will say it again, a death that occurs fighting the guardians of our misery and their puppet is a sweet death.

As to the subservient Shaebian Mekete Tegays living in the west, we will see if they will enlist in Shaebia army. In the comfort of the west, you will see them looking serious, and active trying to support shaebia war. Metete Tegadaly do not worry, the guardians of our misery will provide the money and the gun. The golden race is doing its best to preserve its members, for that reason it needs you at the front line? Who will enlist? The answer is none. During the Badme war, when Shaebia generals were running, none of the western based Shaebia puppets joined the army. It will not be any different this time. Meketet Tegadly is good only at enlisting himself on shaebias “Ajokum Ajona” festival.