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Egypt delegation to visit Ethiopia over Renaissance Dam

Tigrai Online
April. 28 2011

The “Egyptian People’s Diplomatic Delegation” will visit Ethiopia on Friday to discuss the construction of the so-called Renaissance Dam on the river Nile. Several Egyptian politicians and activists will meet with Ethiopian officials and political representatives including Prime Minister Melas Zenawi. The aim of the visit is to deliver a relaxing message regarding a recently heated dispute on Nile water shares.

The visit comes after Ethiopian Minister for Water Resources recently ruled out permission to Egypt to visit the site of the Dam.

Ethiopia blames Egyptian authorities for not signing the Entebbe Agreement, adding that Egyptian Authorities would be allowed to visit the Dam, were they to agree to the charter.

The Entebbe Agreement was undersigned by the majority of upstream countries, including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and Kenya. The charter sanctioned the beginning of a new regional cooperation based on the re-negotiation of Nile water shares.