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GTP is not a spectators sport

By Dilwenberu Nega
April. 08 2011

Ethiopian Growth and tranansformation planIn Berhanu Tesfaye’s “GTP or Good Totalitarian Pledge” (Aigaforum 7th April) we find errant thoughts trying to attack Aigaforum’s bespoke advertorial encouraging Ethiopians to attend the forthcoming consultative meeting on the GTP. Any sober-minded patriot cannot be in disagreement with the content. Indeed, the very fact Berhanu Tesfaye deemed it proper to spend time criticising a straight forward advertorial only goes to prove that panic has set-in the camp of all those who dread to hear positive developments coming from Ethiopia.

Chagrined by the interest GTP ignited among patriots both at home and abroad, Berhanu makes a desperate attempt to convince us “Ethiopians those lived (whatever that means) and living abroad are always ambassadors.” Oh really? Which planet does Berhanu reside in, or who is he trying to kid? Who advocates the stoppage of aid to Ethiopia? Who churns out naked lies after naked lies in order to portray Ethiopia as a basket case? Who campaigned against Ethiopians celebrating The Millennium in their own country? Who went on a pilgrimage to Asmara and boot-licked the number one enemy of Ethiopia? Who campaigns against flying Ethiopian Airlines? The list is endless. These cannot be Ethiopia’s good-will ambassadors. For want of a better expression they are bad-will ‘dumbassadors.’

How on earth can someone with a scintilla of intelligence argue that a remittance done through legally established money transfer methods does not help a nation’s economy? Tell that to the Indians or Jordanians and witness the grin on their faces. Savings of all kinds is encouraged, but what the Government proposed is that with the economy of US and Europe being what it is today, Ethiopians will be better off financially if they put their hard earned savings in foreign currency savings accounts where the rates are now greater than US and Europe. This is pure common sense; that is, of course only for those who have it.

To call those who support the on-going development efforts and who oppose any deviation from the constitutional order “condoms of the Government” only goes to show Berhanu Tesfaye’s churlish temper with no one prepared to treat him with respect. Out there within the gung-ho extremist Ethiopians are many Behanus who wrongly believe that by black-mailing, harassing and bulling Ethiopians who exercise their right to support the party of their choice, they are able to prevail over the silent majority. Well, sadly they had a good innings for the past 20 years, but now the ‘silent lambs’ of the Ethiopians in the Diaspora have said no to lies, no to intimidation and no to suffocation. We have resolved to attend the meeting and no Shabea foot-soldier will prevent us from actively participating.

By bringing the GTP to cities near us, the Government has proved that the GTP – like Ethiopian democracy – is not a spectators sport and is enabling Ethiopians to be in the loop about the massive efforts underway in the homeland. This is not a “pledge” as Berhanu Tesfaye surmised, but a delivery of promise EPDRF had made to make all Ethiopians stakeholders of the enhancement of democracy and our developmental efforts.At the consultative meeting everyone would be encouraged to play a proactive role as well as voice their complaints. If Berhanu has an iota of unadulterated patriotism left in him I challenge him to attend the meeting and let him speak out the way he wants. But he would not do that because he has not got a leg to stand on in the court of public opinion for he knows that we all know that everything he has churned out is fiction and not fact.

My fraternal advice to confused and confounded Berhane Tesfaye is to, instead, be captain of his destiny rather than a sailor on the fast sinking Geem-boat 7. Today’s Ethiopia allows Birhanu and his likes to join hands with millions of their compatriots and fight poverty without forsaking their political views against EPDRF. What kind of “totalitarianism” allows them such a freedom? Whatever he chooses, Berhanu musttry not to violate his conscience. On my part, I go to the meeting with my heads high secure in the knowledge that I am doing the right thing for my country and people. Unlike Berhanu Tesfaye and his likes, I rather die an Ethiopian today than live as a Shabea lap-dog for fifty more years.

As Aigaforum has rightly reminded us let’s all make history NOW!