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GTP conferences in North American cities a huge success for Ethiopia

Tigrai Online Admin
April. 11 2011

The Ethiopian government sent many teams of high ranking officials to North America and Europe to discuss the five year Growth and Transformation Plan. Meetings were held in thirteen cities of the United States and Canada simultaneously on Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10. Although the event was highly publicized in various media outlets, the turnout was amazing.

Despite the agents of poverty organized by Shabiya and financed by Egypt trying every trick under sun to disrupt these conferences, they were conducted peacefully and successfully. This doesnít mean there was not some isolated incidents, for instance in Washington DC extremists called in with a bomb threat and they set off the fire alarms in the building where the meeting was held, disrupting the meeting momentarily. In Denver, Colorado a few of the thugs sneak in to the meeting and one of them stood up in the middle of the people and started shouting why the meeting didnít start with a prayer. He was gently escorted by the police to his taxi. In Los Angles they tried to shout down the speakers they had the same fate as the once in Denver.

The toxic Diaspora extremists showed up in the meeting places carrying their ONLF and OLF flags. In Denver, Colorado, USA for example not a single person out of those 70 or so screaming thugs was carrying the Ethiopian flag.

The question now is why are those people claiming to be Ethiopians opposing the development of our country? Why are they working day and night to stop Ethiopia from building Great Millennium Dam on the Nile River siding with Egypt? The answer is very simple, because some of them are die hard Derg criminals, some are Eritreans who grew up in Ethiopia working for their government, few are members of the terrorist groups of ONLF and OLF working for shabiya and Egypt, and the rest are confused by the coffee shop propaganda.

The agents of poverty are so desperate now because Ethiopia is showing concrete economic and political progress. They were spreading their poisonous propaganda and fabricated lies freely through their websites and radio stations about Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government. Some in the Ethiopian Diaspora have started to believe the lies but, the GTP conferences has shined much needed light on the truth.

The extremist agents of poverty are forced to face the truth in public they can no longer hide behind unfounded and fabricated lies to serve shabiya.

The Growth and Transformation Plan train is roaring full steam and no one can stop Ethiopia. If you love Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people get on board if you donít you will be left high and dry.

Long live the Ethiopian people!