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Withering Ethiopian Diaspora Opposition

By Berhane Kahsay
April. 14 2011

Strictly speaking, it is a complete misnomer to describe these gathering of mismatches as ‘opposition’. Yobs or thugs or hooligans or bullies or louts would perfectly suit them to the ground. They are bereft of alternative ideas; intense hatred is their motto and guiding principle; the more they lose ground, the more they become hateful and suicidal. No drop of decorum in their blood, and totally devoid of the ability to act and conducted themselves in a rational and civilised manner. The so called intellectuals are slowly but surely leading their gullible and confused followers into the abyss. Quick off the mark to play the democracy card, and yet, they harass and intimidate those who happen to have a different view point. Not even a tin pot dictator would behave in such an atrocious fashion.

Why are these fellow compatriots so bitter and destructive? Can’t they be ecstatic when their country is performing in an exemplary way in education, health provision, development of infrastructure, provision of decent housing, employment creation , attracting inward investments, protecting the environment and increasing annual food production year in year out. The country’s economy has been growing by a staggering 10-11% over the last ten or so years? It is pretty certain that the current administration would maintain the momentum for many more years to come, and wouldn’t relent until hunger and destitution are conquered. Many people back home find it so difficult to comprehend why the toxic and dejected Diaspora weep instead of rejoicing when their country is doing so well economically. Why are they denying nothing of the sort is occurring in Ethiopia?

International institutions such as the IMF, World Bank and others have confirmed the significant and glaring economic transformation that is taking place in the country. A long way to go to before a mortal blow is delivered to poverty, but the country is on the correct track. The government is determined more than ever to bring this to fruition, and that’s why it has dispatched ministers to USA and Europe to garner support for the construction of The Millennium Dam and the Transformation and Growth Programme (GTP). The ministers first port of call was the USA ,and true to form, the so called ‘ opposition ‘ attempted to disrupt the meetings from going ahead in some parts of the USA. The true sons and daughters of Ethiopia weren’t the slightest bit disturbed by the physical threats posed and the vile and gross insults that were hurled at them by the shameful and unpatriotic bunch of bigots.

The intimidations failed miserably; triggering the fire alarm and calling the police to report the presence of a bomb when there wasn’t one didn’t halt the meeting from going ahead as schedule. All the gatherings in different parts of the US were successfully completed. Ethiopians at home and abroad have shown their support for the democratically elected government’s relentless effort to tackle poverty head on. These come in the form of demonstrations, purchasing bonds, donating monthly salaries and offering their services for free. All concerned are determined that construction of the Millennium Dam would go ahead according to set time table, and if need be, foot the bill that is necessary to bring this massive project to completion. Similar resolution is also portrayed by the government and the public at large to make sure the GTP is successfully executed.

Off course the enemies of Ethiopia want the country to remain firmly fixed in the quagmire of poverty, hunger, disease, drought, and famine and perpetual in fighting. Underdevelopment and dependency on others for its mere existence are the wishes of its ardent foes. Egypt is the number one enemy of Ethiopia. This country has done its level best for many years to prevent Ethiopia from acquiring loans needed for the construction of dams from IMF, the World Bank and African Development Bank. In fact it went as far as saying that countries that support Ethiopia in its endeavours were enemies of Egypt. This country leaves no stone unturned to destabilise Ethiopia. It does all her dirty deeds through a third party such as Eritrea. Eritrea in turn uses the desperate OLF, ONLF, Ginbot 7, Al-Shebab and others parties functioning in Ethiopia to create chaos by planting bombs here and there. Lately high ranking officials of the ‘opposition’ met Yamane Geberab in Germany to receive their usual instructions from their pay master Essays Afeworki. OLF, ONLF, Ginbot 7 and others have insignificant support at home and can’t win an election if one was to be held today. They lost before and they would lose today as well. The poor souls are so desperate for power. And that’s exactly why they have fallen into the hands of the enemy of Ethiopia Essays to help them topple the democratically elected government. As the saying goes---Birds of the same feather flock together. No chance of success for this unholy alliance.

At this juncture Ethiopian patriotism has reached a fever pitch. It is at its zenith. No force in the world can stop her from forging ahead in all spheres. Completion of the two massive projects is a far gone conclusion. Bright future is awaiting our beloved country. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, Egypt is in turmoil; Eritrea will collapse soon, and with it, all the terrorist organisations it supports will be consigned to the dust bin of history.

Mean while the meeting in London is scheduled for the 16th of April, and many people including myself are excited and waiting eagerly. The preparations in other parts of Europe are also going well and no one can stop these from taking place. The dwindling and dying breed of the ‘toxic Diaspora opposition’ who are on Eritrea’s pay roll can try to foil it, but they are destined to fail as they did in the America. Proud Ethiopia will prevail.