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Huge turn-out for GTP in London

By Berhane Kahsay
April. 18 2011

Ethiopian government officials held a successful’ Growth and Transformation Plan’ (GTP) meeting in London with the turn out estimated to be over six hundred. Attendance was much more than expected in London and the USA an indication that the toxic and die-hard Diaspora was losing ground at a breath taking pace. More people would have attended the London meeting if it wasn’t for the capacity of the embassy hall.

The delegates made a through and detailed presentation, and this was followed by question and answer session which took up a great deal of the time allotted for the meeting. Those present appreciated the relentless efforts the government is exerting to extricate the country from abject poverty, and make it prosperous and self-sufficient in food production. To this end, Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia have assured the delegates that they would play their part in making this a reality. They also pledged monetary, moral, and technical supports required for The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and The Growth and Transformation Plan.

A few of the usual suspects were raving and ranting well outside the embassy, but no one paid too much attention. They were endlessly barking and gasping for air. Tried to foil the gathering but failed spectacularly as they did in the United States. The same fate is awaiting them in Germany. Failure is their name; failure is their trade mark. Makes you wonder why these people think ill of their own country and hurt very badly when it is registering double digit economic growth year in year out. Significantly higher economic growth is expected in the next five years.

Wouldn’t it better for these people to be part and parcel of the uphill struggle waged to change the negative image of their country and make hunger and poverty history? Why are they determined to be disruptive, unpatriotic and be used as cannon-fodders for the enemies of Ethiopia? Why have they taken leave of their senses? Can’t they recoil and think good for their own country? Are we not taking about its prosperity and well being? Have these people got another country? Leaders of many African countries steal millions from their own people, and stash them away in foreign banks. On the other hand, ours work day and night to improve the lives of their own people, and in return all they get from the diehard Diaspora is abuse of the worst sort although the support at home is increasing at an increasing rate. Most African countries would give an arm and a leg to have leaders like ours at any time.

In any case, with or without the doom and gloom Diaspora, the transformation of Ethiopia would continue unabated. No force in the entire world could derail it. Unity is strength and strength is a deterrent. And water tight unity is what is being enthusiastically expressed in all corners of Ethiopia at the present time. It would not be an exaggeration to describe the reverberating patriotism as a tsunami; you stand in its path at your peril. No wonder Egypt is making a humiliating climb- down, and is gravitating to the conclusion that the present status quo regarding the use of Nile waters is unsustainable.

In the not too distant future, the unjust 1959 Nile Agreement signed between Egypt and the Sudan would undoubtedly be declared obsolete. A substitute that benefits both the upper and lower riparian countries must come into existence. Anything short of this is unacceptable, and could possibly lead to war. Absolute care must be taken as Egypt is trying to place a wedge between the six countries that signed an alternative agreement nearly a year ago. A huge Egyptian delegation was sent to Uganda very recently. What was the need for this? Was the intention to isolate and soften Ethiopia for an Egyptian attack? Would the Egyptians dare do it themselves or use a third country such as Eritrea? How would the third party handle the situation? Has it got what it takes to administer the coup de grace?

Troublesome and miniature Eritrea hasn’t got what it takes to do it herself. Instead, it can use terrorist organisations like the ONLF, OLF, Al-Shebab, Ginbot 7, remnants of the Derg and the disloyal opposition. Many attacks instigated by Eritrea in the past have failed, and are very likely to fail again. The terrorists fail in their endeavours because they don’t have the support of the people. But one day they might get lucky and create chaos and instability which could lead to the disintegration of the country. If Ethiopia deals with Eritrea in the strongest possible way, the attacks would cease, and Egypt would lose her opportunity to interfere in the affairs of the country via Eritrea.

No one is calling for an all out war with Eritrea, but a selected and stronger incisive action to destabilise the country is long overdue. This would make the Eritrean dictator preoccupied with self preservation, and no time to play the surrogate for Egypt. No more funds for the likes of OLF, ONLF, Gibot 7, Al-shebab and the disloyal opposition at home. A systematic asphyxiation would bring the precarious existence of these proscribed organisations to an abrupt end. Their geriatric leaders would then have plenty time to play with fire alarms in Nursing Homes.