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Egyptian Space scientist in Boston University
says no risk to Egypt from Ethiopian dams

Tigrai Online
April. 21 2011

Tigrai Online - Egyptian Space scientist Dr. Farouk El-Baz Dr. Farouk El-Baz, director of the Center for Space Research at the University of Boston, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Ain Shams, Egypt could not turn to nuclear energy is the lack of experts caffeine it has in this area, adding that he should not be buying reactors and import experts, but should reliance on local expertise capable of dealing with any problem that may occur, and denied the existence of any threat from dams Ethiopian Egypt's quota of Nile water, pointing out that most of them to generate electricity, and demanded that Egypt shoul have built those dams in Ethiopia itself.

He added, that the corridor project development began in 1974, where he worked in the United States of America and has been invited and a number of his fellow astronauts «Apollo» to give lectures in Gulf states, and here asked Ismail Fahmi, Minister of Foreign Affairs during the era of Sadat, an interview of the President.

He added that Sadat wanted him to do research in Egypt, and promised to resolve any obstacles facing it, and already work with a team from Ain Shams University to develop an outline scientific research for the reconstruction of Western Sahara, where they studied a number of oases in the region, Oasis (Dakhla, and Kharga and Farafra, and marine.

Source-Translated from Almasar Alyoum, Read more