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Senior al Shabaab security and intelligence
captured alive in southern Somalia

Tigrai Online
April. 22 2011

A senior al Shabaab operative has been captured alive in fierce clashes between the Somali army allied with local militia group Raskambon in southern Somalia, officials said Thursday.

Abdirashid Mohammed Hidig, Somalia’s deputy minister of defense, said in an interview with VOA Somali Service that government forces in the Lower Jubba region captured Mohamed Daqal, a senior al Shabaab official for security and intelligence. At least 15 militants were killed in the fighting.

“Al Shabaab’s intelligence and security official was suffering from gunshot wounds in the leg and chest whilst his militant militiamen ran from him after heavy gun battle with our powerful forces in Lower Jubba region in southern Somalia,” Hidig said.

“Daqal was taken to a medical facility for the Somali military in Dhoobley where he will be treated soon because he is an active and important member of the dangerous militant al Shabaab militias,” he stated.

Somalia’s al Qaeda-linked terrorist group and Somali troops fought in the village of Shabah, about 60 kilometers east of the border town of Dhoobley, according to the minister.

He called for what he termed lured and misguided fighters of the group to surrender, spelling out that the government will help defectors build up the future as much possible as it can.

Al Shabaab officials have not released any comments about the government claims.

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