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Ethiopias flower earnings will more than tiple to $550 million

Tigrai Online
April. 26 2011

Tigrai Online - Beautiful Flowers Ethiopia's income from horticulture exports is expected to more than triple to $550 million in five years due to rising investment, the head of a growers' association said on Monday.

More than 90 companies, including foreign firms, have set up in the sector, where investors have taken up 1,600 hectares for flower production, and 1,200 for vegetables.

Tsegaye Abebe, head of the Ethiopian Horticultural Producers and Exporters Association said land leases are likely to double for flower production and expand by ten-fold for fruits and vegetables.

"With the current rate of requests, revenue from the export of horticultural products will reach $550 million by that (five years) time," Tsegaye told Reuters.