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Ethiopia and Uganda to build four new dams in 2011

Tigrai Online
May 12 2011

Ehtiopia and Uganda plan to build a total of four dams during 2011, to be located on both the White Nile and Blue Nile

Official reports from Ethiopia say the country plans to build two new dams on the Blue Nile this year, in addition to the Renaissance Dam announced previously, which would be built 40 km away from the Sudanese border at an estimated cost of US$4.7 billion. Five companies, including two from Norway, one from England and one from Italy, have submitted bids for the construction of the two dams.

The Ethiopian deputy prime minister has said that the construction of the Renaissance Dam will not be delayed by the postponement of the ratification of the Nile Basin framework agreement, and that the country's stance on the agreement has not changed.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan ambassador to Addis Ababa said that his country also plans to build a dam on the White Nile to produce electro-hydraulic power. He praised the Renaissance Dam and said that those who oppose its construction are against development.