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Ethiopian Members Of The Diaspora Community to Build An Upscale Mall In Awassa

By Tsehaye Debalkew
May 12 2011

An upscale Mall with the core values of providing all sorts of highest quality products and services is due to be built in Awassa, the capital city of the Southern Regional state of Ethiopia at the cost of Birr. 127,000,000 /One Hundred Twenty Seven Million Birr./

Southern Gate Share Company, the owner of the modern multi-sector market complex, which is to be installed by members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in the US drawn from the Southern Regional state of Ethiopia in a press statement issued today indicated that construction of the envisioned complex is set to start within three months.

The share holders of the state-of-the-art Mall have formed the Southern Gate Share Company, in response to the clarion call made by the Ethiopian government for the Diaspora Ethiopians to engage themselves in the Growth and Transformation Drive currently in motion, the press statement revealed

According to the press release, the GTP has stirred members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community to steadfastly engage in the project with a two-pronged purpose of bolstering the national momentum and at the same time to benefit from the business venture they have anchored on.

It was learnt from the statement that the Diaspora members have already organized themselves by establishing Thirteen Boards of Directors on the merit of their profession and business exposure.

Southern Gate Share Company envisages to expand and enter into health and education sectors and other business areas of leather and leather products industry shortly, the press release added.