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Swiss Consultant to Help Textile Factories Boost Exports to $1bn

Tigrai Online
May 13 2011

Tigrai Online - Adama Spinning Factory EthiopiaA Swiss consultancy firm is to arrive in Addis Abeba this week to advise textile and garment factories on moving towards international standards in a bid to boost the countryís export revenues from the textile sector to one billion dollars by the 2014/15 fiscal year, as set out in the GTP.

A benchmark study on the problems faced by local factories was conducted by Gerzi, which was established in 1929 in Zurich, in March 2011.

The gap analysis and action plan for the implementation of the study was also conducted by Gerzi, a consultant in the areas of textiles, apparel, and fashion.

The action plan is to be implemented by Gerziís 25 professionals from the textile and garment sector on seven local textile and garment factories.

The factories are MAA Garment and Textile Factory Plc, Almeda Textile Factory Plc, Adama Yarn Factory Plc, Concept International Garment Factory Plc, GMM Garment Factory Plc, Haile Garment Factory Plc, and Mulat Garment Factory Plc.