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Egypt has in principle approved the Renaissance Dam

Tigrai Online
May 16 2011

Ethiopian Blue NileAfter The Egyptian prime minister finished his visit to Ethiopia, Egypt seems more willing to Ethiopia building the world’s tenth biggest hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile. The two countries has been at odds for years because Egypt wanted to monopolize the Blue Nile water even though Egypt contributes nothing to the river.

This week Al Masry Al youm an Egyptian news out late reported that Egypt has in principle approved the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia intends to build on its borders with Sudan this year, according to an official source.

The source added that Prime Minister Essam Sharf and his Ethiopian counterpart have agreed that an Egyptian technical committee examine the blueprints of the dam, so as to determine whether it would adversely affect Egypt’s Nile water quota, and that Egypt might participate in the construction of the dam, which is expected to cost around US$4.7 billion.

An agreement has also been reached by which Egypt and Sudan will buy electricity from Ethiopia’s power station in Mendaya, which has the capacity to provide 1200 megawatts to Sudan and another 2000 to Egypt. A related agreement allows for Egypt to import a large number of Ethiopian livestock.