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The Marriage that is Bound to Hell: A Case of Ethiopia’s Exiled Opposition

By Hindeya Mebrahtu
May 24 2011

Sleeping with the Enemy

Birhanu Nega is working with ONLF and OLFFor all I know Ginbot7 is known for its vociferous criticism and denunciation of the Ethiopian form of government which is federation based on nations and nationalities. This organization is abhorrent to group rights and its leaders speciously try to validate only individual rights. Its leader, Dr. Berhanu Nega, has always been highly critical over EPRDF’s policy that recognizes the rights of people, nations and nationalities. For the good doctor, the Ethiopian federal structure is a tender box that ultimately would result in the disintegration of the nation.

OLF and ONLF however never pretended in promoting their mission. To them, Ethiopia is alien and they claim they are fighting to be independent from the alien entity. It is therefore logical to assume that the ideology of OLF and ONLF is unpalatable to Ginbot7. In a normal world, Ginbot7 masquerading as unionist would have accounted these two organizations as its nemeses.

Interestingly, however, in April 23, 2011 Ginbot7, OLF and ONLF declared to the world in Atlanta that they have concluded an agreement to struggle together in order to realize their long held dreams of a better Ethiopia. It is comical. If Ginbot7’s principle is antithetical to the Ethiopian federal system for the already stated reasons, what is the logical explanation for this organization to sleep together with OLF and ONLF that see Ethiopia as a foreign entity? The same question applies to OLF and ONLF for the new enamor they find in Ginbot7. I think even one with a pedantic mind would find it difficult to draw any logic out of such bizarre union.

There is a pattern to this riddle. Ginbot7 had gone as far as Asmara to express its solidarity with Eritrean government in its fight against “ woyane” government. This organization has been working in cahoots with the disgruntled Arbegnoch that had made its “safe heaven” in Eritrea.

This is again a mind boggling question. How could the Ginbot7s entertain the possibility of basking love and care in the world of shaebia? The Ginbot7s that accuse EPRDF over Eritrean independence seem to have little understanding of shaebia’s dilemma when dealing with Ethiopia’s so called opposition. Little did they know that their posture with respect to Eritrea reflects the same image as that of the DERG. And shaebia knows this very well. Isayas Afewerki is interested in Ethiopia’s opposition groups only as far as they serve him as leverage against Ethiopia, a formidable foe. They are only expendable in the eyes of shaebia.

The myopia of their understanding over the nature of an organization when these opposition groups select a partner is perfectly reflected when the so called Ethiopian opposition websites broke the news about a month a go that shaebia had murdered around 15 of the Arbegnoch leaders. This tragic scenario I believe is the result of a state of mind characterized asymmetry of love and hate. The leaders of the exiled opposition hate EPRDF more than they love themselves, just to end up in fatal attraction.

Tantrum Over Achievement

What is more difficult about the leaders of the self exiled opposition is understanding what they aspire for Ethiopia. Not long a go they were deafening our ears with platitudes such as the economy was in shambles and that economy was a priority before democracy. At this time when the Ethiopian government is investing in mega projects to revamp the economy, they started complaining peevishly that democracy should be a priority. At times, they put their few diehard supporters in an awkward situation with their inconsistent rambling.

In May 15, 2011 Ginbot7 leader Dr. Berhanu Nega had this to say to a group of twenty people in Los Angeles, California:

“Don’t forget this. Any thing, I mean any thing that pleases EPRDF should be opposed and condemned.”

The above quoted speech is not an aberrant version of his speech. That is exactly what he said. Among other things, I think this speech itself belie his claim of a patriotic leader. If building universities, hospitals all over the country and building of the Renaissance Dam is going to please the EPRDF leadership, then they have to be denounced according to Dr. Berhanu’s logical ways of opposing EPRDF. If this is patriotism, better to stay unpatriotic.

It is none of the Ginbot7s concern if millions of Ethiopians go hungry and live in darkness. This particular speech buttressed my conviction that hunger and death of too many Ethiopians are acceptable to Ginbot7 in so far as concomitantly brings them on to power. All their cries about economy and democracy are perfunctory.

In light of this, their call for the North African style revolutions to take place in Ethiopia is nothing other than an attempt to pit the government and the people: and not because they see any positive ramifications in the aftermath of the tumult they desperately crave. The Ginbot7s are trying to salvage their existential predicament by hammering the people to revolt in the hope that it would invite carnage on the Ethiopian people. They are tantalizingly waiting to see the spill of blood and death of civilians by government troops in their attempt to enforce law and order, there by EPRDF would lose Ethiopian people’s trust. This is the essence of their motive when they call the people to go on riot. It is all about power. Like they say, their mind is devil’s workshop. The good thing is, gone are the days when these so called Diaspora opposition leaders could hoodwink the people. There is no more any Pandora’s Box that any opposition can unleash in Ethiopia. Believe me evanescence is your fate, I bet!

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