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Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in Philadelphia have
Raised Over Half a Million Birr toward the Building
of the Grand Renaissance Dam

By Tsehaye Debalkew
June 06 2011

In a rare and determined expression of an uncompromising support to the success of the on-going Growth and Transformation Plan /GTP/ in general, and the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam/GRD/ in particular, members of the Ethiopian Diaspora residing in and around the city of Philly raised yesterday over Half a Million Birr by purchasing bonds and making committed pledges.

His Excellency Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy, Ambassador Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the United States of America, who addressed the Diaspora Ethiopian community in Philly, underlined the historic significance of both the GTP and the GRD in opening a higher phase and totally eventuating a new image of our country by realizing a leap forward to a new venue of peace, development and democracy.

He underlined the significance of the monumental undertaking of the GTP adorned by the rock bed task of the GRD, resonating far into the future as an event that has turned a new page for the New Ethiopia to march forward entirely afresh.

By charting out a blue print and a roadmap through the instrumentality of the gigantic measure by the timely launch of the GRD the Ambassador underscored that the huge project is poised to benefit the nation enormously by enabling it to traverse into becoming an industrial hub shortly. He called upon the Diaspora community to seize the hour as it rightly has precipitated an opportune moment whereby those engaged in the current nation building process shall surely reap the benefits for themselves over and above contributing their due share in transforming Ethiopia.

He reiterated that the launching of the GRD speaks volumes of the timeliness and appropriateness of the project as an era that stipulates that Ethiopia has undertaken such a huge venture relying solely on its own all-round domestic resources and the ingenuity of its people and the determination, competencies, capabilities and farsightedness of its leadership.

Ambassador Girma underscored that the current popular response and initiative that resonates across the nation and beyond is a timely expression and a monumental testimony that the Ethiopian people have steadfastly stood in unison to elevate the nation to the rank of middle income countries of the globe by nipping poverty and backwardness in the bud and demonstrating for everyone to testify that no amount of evil machination and hoodwinking could deter them from marching forward.

According to the Diaspora Community organizers, it was learnt that yesterday's spontaneous response by the few members who were congregating in a town hall meeting in Philadelphia is only a tip of the iceberg and a pioneering harbinger to the unfolding grand financial infusion yet to be undertaken shortly by the Diaspora Ethiopians throughout the US and Canada towards the timely Clarion National Call.

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