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Ethiopia buys over 200 tanks from Ukraine for $100 million

By Tigrai Online
June 09 2011

T-72 tankUkrspecexport Ukraine’s arms exporter and the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense have signed a $100 million contract for Ukraine to Supply over 200 T-72 tanks.

Even though the details of the contract are not known, Ukrspecexport said that the tanks “are equipped with modernized propulsion, guided weapons and a reactive armor system.” Ukraine has been one of the biggest arms sellers to the Horn of Africa over the years.

The company disclosed that this contract with the Ethiopian ministry of Defense was one of the eight largest deals concluded by Ukrspecexport in the past fifteen years. Ethiopian government has been working on modernizing the Ethiopian Defense forces.

Recently the Ethiopian prime minister said his country has changed its policy towards Eritrea from passive defense to active offence if provocation continues by the leadershiop of its tiny neighbor.