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Invest in Tigrai State Northern Ethiopia

By Tigrai Online
July 19 2011

Tigrai Online - Invest in Tigrai State in Ethiopia

As the Ethiopian growth and transformation is in full swing the regional states of the country are doing their share. Most of the regional states have established Diaspora offices to help facilitate investment by Ethiopians living abroad. The following documents are recently released by the Tigrai regional State. The documents are a great start for those who wish to invest in the state. Detailed project studies, updated lease policy and list of potential investments are included on these documents. You can also find a list of companies and individuals that have invested in Tigrai state.

Please take your time to look at the documents and say what you think about the whole thing. Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with fellow readers and the policy makers. We will try to have them take a look at this page if it is possible. Please be mature, respectful and precise when you comment. Any comments that are not related to the topic or that are rude will be removed immediately.

Investment Study

Updated Lease Policy

Tigrai State Lease Policy

List of Investment Projects

List of Diaspora investments

All the data and information is provided by the Tigray State Diaspora Coordinatiror's Office