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Gotcha! Vocal Diaspora

By Dilwenberu Nega
August 01 2011

They say misfortunes do not come singly and this was amply demonstrated particularly in the United States among the vocal Diaspora. The failure of its sinister attempt to make a mountain out of a mole hill from Ethiopia’s legitimate complaints to VOA about the wayward journalism of its Amharic Service, the coup de main which Sheik Mohamed Al Moudi had administered on the abode of lies aka Ethiopian Review as well as Eritrea’s mortifying defeat at the Un Security Council all piled up neatly to make July 2011 the vocal Diaspora’s Black-letter month.

Through its senseless actions the vocal Diaspora has once again proved that despite its mega shouts and catcalls at its increasingly sparsely attended anti- Ethiopia demonstrations, it now has become for all intents and purposes a spent force.

Look at other expat communities throughout the world and judge for yourself about the real reasons for taking to the streets against the actions of an incumbent political party. Where can you pinpoint at a Foreigner Abroad who would be so naive and oppose the construction of a mega hydro-electric dam the benefit of which would have a significant impact on combating extreme poverty? Unfortunately, however, small but vociferous groups of the Ethiopian Diaspora continue to oppose it on grounds that the patriotic fervour which the construction of the Grand Millennium Dam has ignited among all sections of the Ethiopian society has outflanked their phantasmagoria of the Arab spring. Does the vocal Diaspora need a maharishi to tell them that you do not bring change through day-dreaming?

No wonder then that the Ethiopian in the homeland has concluded that the Diaspora is made of straw. But stereotyping the Ethiopian Diaspora is erroneous. While there really exist Ethiopians made of straw and who have chosen to become Shabia’s myrmidons at a time when Ethiopia is patently in a state of belligerency with the State of Eritrea, there also are Ethiopians made of iron who have what it takes to forgo their political allegiance and loyalty for the common good. Harnessing the Nile constitutes the common good.

The misfortunes that have cascaded down on the vocal Diaspora in July have underscored the fact that the days of pulling wool over the eyes of Ethiopians and of smear campaigns must come to an abrupt end. For the god father of Ethiopia’s vocal Diaspora, on the other hand, lesson must be learnt: for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. It’s been a Red-letter day for all those who wish good for Ethiopia.

Let Ethiopia flourish!