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Hannah Godefa founder of Pencil Mountain
on Grand Renaissance Dam Fund Raising

By Tigrai Online
August 03 2011

Background of Hannah's Pencil mountain project

I will open my mouth and tell stories, I will bring into the open things hidden. By writing this letter and sharing their stories, maybe God can use me to open a door for others so that men and woman like you could be part of a good thing to come. My name is Hannah Godefa I am nine years old and student of Divine Mercy catholic school in Maple Ontario.

My parents brought me to visit Ethiopia; I spend time in Addis Ababa and Axum. I saw all kinds of cool sights; the best part of the trip was meeting my relatives: my grandmaís aunts, uncles, and cousins. My grandmas were lovely; also I visited some of the beautiful people and places.

Even though I was happy to see my extended family, I was also very sad to see children of my age that donít get much food, medicine, a good education, children with no fathers or mothers. The AIDS epidemic contributes to deepening poverty in many communities.

I am blessed to be born here in Canada a beautiful and rich country. Yes, I did not choose my country or even my parents, but God did and I am very grateful for that. What can I say for all these gifts except to say thank you. I ask myself what I can do to help.

This article was written published on Tigrai Online back in June 26 2007 by Hannah Godefa under the heading Hannah's Pencil mountain project after four years this remarkable young girl is doing what most adults can't do. Hannah Godefa was person of the year by Tigrai Online.