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Ethiopians want justice for Gaddafi family maid

Tigrai Online
August 31 2011

Tigrai Online - Shweyga Mullah

Angry Ethiopians have called for justice for a nanny who was reportedly abused by the supermodel wife of Hannibal Gaddafi, the Libyan leader's fourth son.

Cable television CNN broadcast horrific footage of Ms Shweyga Mullah's injury-wracked body after she was left behind helpless by Aline Skaf, the wife of Hannibal, as the family fled to Algeria this week.

According to the report, Shweyga, an Ethiopian, was covered in raw wounds after being severely scalded by her mistress, Aline, who also threatened to punish any other worker who helped the maid.

Ms Shweyga had allegedly refused an order to beat Aline's daughter. The supermodel then reportedly took the maid to a bathroom, tied her hands and feet, taped her mouth and then poured boiling water on her head.

Tigrai Online - The evil Aline SkafA group of Ethiopians have launched an online appeal for justice and financial support to help the victim and her family. Another group of volunteer professionals have also said they are prepared to investigate the issue and seek justice for the maid.

The Ethiopian government has moved to set up a fund to cover her medical costs and transportation back home.

Shown on the right is Aline Skaf who did this to the Ethiopian young lady.

Source Africa Review

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