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War vet accused of murder; pleads not guilty by reason of insanity

Tigrai Online
Sept. 07 2011

Tigst Yemane - Tigrai Online

An Iraqi war veteran had post-traumatic stress disorder, his lawyer says, and killed his girlfriend because he thought she was part of a terrorist attack on America.

Davon Londell Thomas, accused of killing his 23-year-old girlfriend in November 2009, on Tuesday pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Tigist Yemane, who originally came to Charlotte from Ethiopia for an operation to fix a heart defect, was shot to death in Thomas' parents' house in the Reedy Creek community. Police have said Thomas shot Yemane several times.

Davon Londell Thomas - Tigrai Online

Thomas' mother told the Observer on Tuesday that she saw her son fatally shoot Yemane.

"That was the most horrifying thing I ever witnessed in my life," said his mother, who didn't want her name used. "I prayed to get those visions out of my head.

Source Charlotte Observer

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