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Government to Relocate Residence and Businesses for National Rail Way Network

Tigrai Online
Oct. 12 2011

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Adama City Administration is to demolish around three factories and 1,000 houses to give way to the construction of the new national rail way network. One of the factories to be affected is Adama Corrugated Iron Sheet Factory.

Assessment of compensation to be paid is being done by a committee of five established by the administration. The property valuation is being conducted by different engineers from the federal government.

Residents are to be relocated on a plot located on the way to Sodere near where a train station is expected to be erected.

One of the factories to be affected, an oil refinery owned by Worku Webe, has already been given compensation and alternative location, according to Worku Mulat, head of the investment secretariat of the administration.

However, some of the residents that are to be relocated are not happy with the administration arguing that, they should have informed before they started their construction as the city must have known about the plan.

“Since the design is prepared at the federal level to meet the government five year strategic plan, the administration has no say on this”, Werku argued.

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