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Cairo rocked by demonstrators for the Second Day

Tigrai Online
Nov. 20 2011

Egyptian demonstrators - Tigrai Online

The battle between Egypt’s ruling military council and a revinvigorated protest movement intensified on Sunday, as troops directly took up the effort to clear thousands of demonstrators out of Tahrir Square.

The breadth and intensity of the clashes were reminiscent of scenes in February that led to the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, only this time the target of the protesters’ ire was the ruling military council and its leader, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. Tear gas, bird shot and rubber bullets were all flying as the fighting grew more heated in the evening. At least three demonstrators were reported killed on Sunday.

By afternoon, at least 5,000 demonstrators were in the square, and the number quickly grew on a day that is traditionally the beginning of the Egyptian work week, when protests have tended to thin rather than surge. It was another indicator that the demonstrations against the military council have entered a new phase, bringing a wide swath of Egyptian society into the square to fight, and perhaps die, in order to force the military ruling council to change.

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