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Public Discussion on Diaspora Policy Kicks Off

Tigrai Online
Dec. 01 2011

An open and public discussion on the Diaspora Policy, which is highly expected to boost the participation of the Ethiopian Diaspora communities across the globe in the development activities of the country and protect their benefits and interests, has kicked off in various states and cities across the US.

The public discussions were spearheaded by officials from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC, the Office of the Ethiopian Permanent Representative to the UN in New York and the Ethiopian Consulate General in Los Angeles.
The salient points encapsulated in the new Draft policy were presented with their varied ramifications that are designed to spur the participation of the Diaspora community in the national drive currently in full swing in Ethiopia.

According to the briefings offered at different venues the New Diaspora Policy is imbued with propitious conditions that enhance Diaspora participation in a meaningful manner by providing solid opportunities in investment, trade,  education, health services and other areas of interest across the vast expanse of our nation, it was learnt.

During the briefings and public discussions held it was made clear that the Policy is enriched with instruments that facilitate pertinent and conducive environment that encourages members of the Diaspora communities to directly partake in all levels of decision making through mechanisms that enhance their participation. Councils to be established by the Diaspora will enable them to put their imprint on decisions that impact their participation and interest.

Special focus of the Policy it was stated, were the steps taken to bring the knowledge, experience, skill and financial resources of the Diaspora to the country in an organized fashion that could entail dual benefits to the nation and at the same time empower the Diaspora communities. In the course of the briefing sessions held members of the Diaspora communities raised pertinent quips that have enriched the discourse.

So far, it was learnt that briefing sessions were held in San Jose, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Boston, Indianapolis and Denver. According to information gathered, more than 15,000 members of the Ethiopian Diaspora are expected to take part in the discussion which will take place in 22 cities all over the world.