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UN commends Ethiopia’s stride to achieve MDGs

Tigrai Online
Dec. 23 2011

The United Nations praised Ethiopia’s tremendous efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), ensure peace and stability in Africa and to build green economy.

Eugene Owusu, UN Resident Coordinator, said that Ethiopia has been implementing its Five Years’ Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) to meet the MDGs.

Recognizing the country’s endeavor for poverty alleviation and sustainable economic development, the Unite Nations in Ethiopia has planned its development programs in line with the GTP, Mr. Owueu said.

The UN system is working in greater harmony and integration at country level in order to meaningfully back the GTP, he said, adding that UN‘s development partnership will be through its 2012-2015 United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) , a joint framework incorporating about 24 UN Agencies in Ethiopia.

Mr. Owusu also indicated that although there are challenges in three of the areas: Promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality rates and improving maternal health, the government designed and has been implementing the GTP to meet these goals as well,” he added.

The United Nations is cooperating with Ethiopia so that it would meet all the MDGs,” Mr. Owusu said, adding that within the UN system, we are very confident that Ethiopia will achieve these goals.”

The UN focuses in sustainable economic growth and risk reduction, basic social services, governance and capacity development as well as women, youth and children, according to the coordinator.

Mr. Owusu also commended efforts exerted by the Ethiopian people and government in bringing lasting peace and stability in the Horn of Africa in particular and the continent in general.

Ethiopia is doing a fantastic job in bringing an enduring peace and stability in Africa, he said, adding that the leadership demonstrated by the higher political authorities is committed to ensure peace and stability.”

The Resident Coordinator also appreciated Ethiopia’s initiatives and plans for Green Development Strategy and the leadership role that PM Meles Zenawi has been playing on behalf of Africa.

Ethiopia is the first African country that has come out with a climate friendly green economy vision and strategy, which was launched in Durban,” Mr. Owusu added.

UN’s presence in Ethiopia is about 50 years. Currently, there are 26 separate agencies in the UN system working in the country both in humanitarian and developmental areas.

Source, IEWY news