Egypt day time colonization of Eritrea, cold war up graded
to a warm war,all in the next ten years?

By Gidoen Bahtemariam
Jan. 05 2011

On part one of my article, I discussed Egypt and her war plans against Ethiopia. On this article, I will discusses the ideologies Egypt insinuate on the natives of the Horn of Africa as a way to hypnotize them, and make them her servants. In the case of Eritrea the ideology of the day is Sheabism, in Somalia it is Alshbabism, and in Sudan, it is Whabism. Sheabaism has successfully made the Eritrean people subservient . Egypt calls the shot in that country. As in the case of Somali and Sudan its work in progress. Alshabism and Whabism have not reached the level that sheabaism has reached in Eritrea. In this article, I will provide you a brief definition of these dangerous ideologies that have made the horn of Africa pregnant with chaos. What should Ethiopia do to make sure the pregnancy in ends up in miscarriage?

1) Sheabism and culture
In the past forty years Sheabian prograndanist, assaulted, and destroyed the indigenous cultures of Eritrea. They replaced the indigenes culture with a sheabian culture. Sheabia teaches its followers that any Eritrean associated with Sheabia is a superior human being. Eritreans are superior to Ethiopians, Somalis, Africans, Asians, and Europeans. In fact, Sheabia defines Eritrean as a new human species that is only found in Eritrea. This idea is transmitted to the public through radio, news, festivals, gossip, and music. After forty years of brain washing, Sheabian Eritreans have bought the idea that they are a unique human species only found in Eritrea. Sheabia further articulated Eritreans did not have any relationship with Ethiopia in the past. And sheabia requires its members to maintain a strong hate toward Ethiopia, and Ethiopians.

2) Sheabism and politics
Shaebia brain washed the citizens of Eritrea, that Sheabiasm was the best political philosophy in the world. No individual is supposed to question the ideology and the working of Sheabia. Sheabia also brain washed the population to believe, that the unity of Ethiopia is a threat to the survival of Eritrea. For that reason Sheabian followers are instructed to contribute to the division of Ethiopians as much as possible.

3) Shebiasm and nationalism
Sheabia also believes that Eritrea invented nationalism. The only serious nationalism is, Sheabaism. All the other people of the world who practice nationalism are useless. A sheabian convert truly believes this story. Sheabians requires that the believer must not flirt with other ideology. In the case that a sheabian convert was found entertaining other ideologies, his destination is death.

4) Has Sheabiaism delivered the goods to its converts?
It’s now 2011, Sheabism started about forty years ago, and where is Eritrea now? Where is Eritrea heading now? I do not need to repeat what is been exposed on the news on daily basis. It is obvious to everyone, the self reliance slogan does not hide the fact that Eritrea is in a chaotic situation. In the next ten years things will get worst with the arrival of Egyptian colonization, and a full scale war with Ethiopia. Any money found from mining will be used for the colonizers war plan.

5) Sheabism and Ethiopia
It should have been obvious to the leaders of Ethiopia that Sheabism is an ideology that cannot live with peace. For that reason, sheabian followers were happy to go to war against Ethiopia. In the view of Sheabia, there is only one continent. This continent contains Ethiopia and Eritrea. Therefore, there cannot be any other enemy for Eritrea except Ethiopia. Sheabism believes that if Ethiopia is dismantled then their world will be a perfect place. This ideology, basically over looks those enemy who manipulate your leader and your country systematically for their own goals.

Somalia and Sudan.
Egypt is trying to replicate her success in Eritrea, in Somalia and Sudan. Somali is now flirting with Alshabism, and Sudan is entertaining the idea of Whabism. If these two ideologies flourish in the two countries, Ethiopia will have more problems. Since, Egypt is fighting with time to stop Ethiopia from developing, economically, and politically these two countries will not be the base of Egypt. The focus will remain Eritrea.

Concluding Remarks
In the final analysis, Sheabaism should never be mistaken for Eritrean nationalism. Sheabism basically destroyed the Eritrean culture and replaced it with submissiveness, and servitude to the clever Egyptians. For that reason in the next ten years Egypt will control Eritrea without even firing a shot. All of a s sudden the number of “Rashidas” will be in the millions.

In the next ten years, Sheabian converts will remember these warnings, and other similar warnings, and realize that they will be responsible for selling Eritrea. As in the case of Ethiopia, it will fight her enemies until the last man drops. Truth is on our side. The enemy is coming to oppress us so that we do not use the Nile water. The enemy will not sell us a cheap ideology and hypnotize us. We will be alert, and we will fight him.

Ethiopia should also take a note, on how Egypt is getting more creative with her war plans. Instead of focusing on military might, she is focusing in spreading an ideology that can be lethal to Ethiopia. Ethiopia should not be passive, it should be proactive in dealing with these issues.